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Exclusive Interview With Natalie Lander From “The Middle.”



  1. How did you get your start in acting?

I started acting as a professional when I was nine, when I booked a radio commercial. Growing up I was always a very theatrical child. I begged my parents to let me get into the business when I was young, but being a ‘normal’ kid what very important to them. They let me pursue acting by working in voice over because it didn’t take away from school. And I also got heavily involved in my local children’s theatre, which then led my professional stage debut when I was 17 in Fiddler on The Roof.

 2. What was your first project?

My first big project was the Hilary and Hailey Duff Movie, Material Girls. I auditioned for the role during my last week of college, and on the day of my graduation I got the call that I had won the role. It was the best graduation gift ever.

3.What is it like working on The Middle?

Working on The Middle had been a dream job! The cast and crew are the most welcoming group of people I have ever met. I also get to play the mean girl, which is always the best. And my co-star Brittany Ross has become my real life best friend! Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am at work, because it is so much fun.

4. What was your favorite part about working on Winx Club?

Working on Winx Club had been a blast. It’s fun playing a character that lives underwater and has magical powers. I also get to play other voices on the show; so every session it’s something new.

5. What do you like doing better voice over or acting?

Voice over acting and on camera acting are the same and different all at the same time. Voice over is great, because there are no physical limitations. I can play the voice of someone, who is completely against my type. Which is fun. For example, I play the voice of Kinzie Kensington in the video game franchise, Saints Row, when else would I get to play a badass ex FBI agent, who kicks butt? Maybe one day. But on camera acting is where my true passion lies. I love the process. I love getting into hair, makeup, and wardrobe. I love seeing the set around me and feeling apart of a different world. And I love being on set in general. The trailers, craft service, and sixteen hour days, haven’t lost their novelty.

6. Do you have any upcoming projects? 

The Middle will be coming back from hiatus in August, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m also working on a new animated project that is still in the secret phase. As for other projects, there’s always something brewing. The beauty of the life of an actor is you don’t know what’s around the corner, but one thing can come along tomorrow and it could change my life. So I’m excitedly anticipating something new and wonderful to come to me soon.

7. What do you like to do when you are not working?

When I’m not working I love to write and sing. I’m usually doing something creative. It’s difficult for me to just ‘not work.’


8. Do you have any summer plans?

This summer I’m actually taking my first vacation in seven years! My boyfriend and I will be taking a trip to Europe and I am so excited for that.

9. Do you have any social networking accounts where your fans can stay connected with you?

My Twitter is @Natalie_Lander and facebook is

10. Do you have anything you want to say to your fans who have been supporting you?

I just want to say thank you for being so supportive of my work. It’s the kindness and encouragement of people like you that makes what I do more fun, so thank you. 

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