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Willow Shields and Nat Wolff Join Together For “The Thirst Project” (@WillowShields)(@NatWolff)


 Willow Shields and Nat Wolff are coming together to support The Thirst Project March campaign, “Dirty Little Secret.” Brought to by Follett Higher Education Group and Key Club International, The “Dirty Little Secret” campaign is sharing the world’s biggest dirty little secret, the fact that 748 million people on our planet do not have access to safe clean drinking water.

Call to Action:

The Thirst Project is asking students to fill up a water bottle full of dirty water. Carry the bottle around all month long. Carry it in school, at your desk, to lunch, in the gym, at the dinner table, keep it with you EVERYWHERE you go!

When people ask why you have a bottle filled with dirty water, tell them that 748 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.


  1. 12-oz of warm water
  2. 1-teaspoon of flour
  3. Cut open 1 tea bag and add 
    5-10 pinches of tea leaves
  4. Shake well

Stay up to date this month by texting “SECRET” to 97779

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