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Learn About The #IAmEmpoweredBecause Campaign! (@JennaRoseSimon)

  In a world where actions speak louder than words,  Jenna Rose Simon proved that the healing act of art and the written word speaks louder when seen through the eyes of those in need of healing.

Inspired by her own struggles, Jenna took to social media to expose her own self-portrait and message:

#IAmEmpoweredBecause I’ve started to put down weapons of destruction and realize I am worth more. I’m worth more than anything that has happened to me, and I’m definitely worth more than a number on a scale.” Jenna is no stranger to making an impact with her art as her drawing depicting verbal abuse went viral in April, opening up powerful emotions in all. More of Jenna’s work can be found on Instagram at @agentletouchofart.

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