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VISTA Talks New Single “Witch Hunt” And Upcoming Tour In Exclusive Interview! (@ThisIsVista) (@GrooglesVista)(@HopeVista)

We recently had the lovely opportunity of chatting with VISTA about their most recent single “Witch Hunt,” “The Bloodlust Tour,” and more!

Check it out!

  1. What can you tell us about “The Bloodlust Tour”?

Greg: It’s probably our most ambitious effort yet. We always try to up the ante when we can. It’s gonna be the hot event of the summer, baby.

Hope: New music. New merch. New set intro. New everytttthing, pretty much.

  1. What cities are you traveling to?

Greg: Pretty much every major city on this half of the US. Except Nashville, that didn’t work out this time sadly.

Hope: New states for us are Ohio, Minneosta, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Hampshire. I’m deeefintely missing something.

  1. Where can fans buy tickets?

VISTA: All tickets to shows will be available at

  1. What will be different about this tour from your previous ones?

Greg: I think we’re going to have a much smoother show night to night, now that we know what to expect and have been touring for a bit.

Hope: Yeah, we’re always trying to improve out fluidity, make sure transitions are smooth, things like that. That’s a constant work in progress, no matter how long someone’s been touring. There’s always going to be something to improve on. So that’s our number thing, making sure the set runs smoothly without any bumps.We’re playing new music, so we’ve almost completely phased out our 2016 EP “VERSUS.” We only play one song off that record occasionally. Nothing crazy different. Just the new music is probably the biggest difference! We always try to hop a step up from the last tour.


  1. What inspired “Witch Hunt”?

Greg: We basically just kind of wanted to talk about a “who can you trust” scenario, one that’s pretty prevalent in today’s climate. That hysteria is something peculiar.

Hope: We both felt a connection to that topic. Last tour we felt an overwhelming sense of fear when it came down to trust in the outside world, outside of our van. The world is on a seemed ‘witch hunt’ now because there has been such a hellstorm of lies, abuse, misinformation, fraud, misconduct in recent months, even years. Of course it seems like everyone’s on a witch hunt; nobody knows who they can trust at this point. That’s where this stemmed from.


6. Do you typically write music together or does one member largely write the songs?

Greg: We both start little things here and there, but after that initial idea, we work on them together.

Hope: Yeah, the initial spark can come from anywhere. “Witch Hunt” in particular was an idea we both similarly had. Some other tracks have stemmed from an individual idea. But we always write and record together.


  1. Why do you think fans will like the track?

Greg: I think they will enjoy it because it’s a nice push forward with VISTA’s sound, and you’re able to jam to it! Hope sounds like a blood thuuursty killer more than ever now.

Hope: Hey thanks 🙂 I think with everything we do, we try to maintain a sense of relativity. We always want a widespread audience to listen to VISTA and find a find a piece of themselves in what we create. With “Witch Hunt,” it delves into the lack and fear of trust in modern society, so I hope listeners will enjoy it because they can relate to that fear. Although the existence of that fear isn’t positive, it’s very real, it’s current, and as always, we want listeners to feel safe with us and our music.


  1. Do you have any fun summer plans you can share with us?

Greg: Besides the tour and “Witch Hunt”’s release, we are always scheming. Maybe towards end of summer.

Hope: Nothing concrete except The Bloodlust Tour! Always talking about stuff, though.


  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Greg: Like I said… always scheming!


  1. When and where can fans purchase, listen to, or stream your music?

Greg: Purchase our music from us at shows, or on iTunes. Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music. Thanks!

Hope: A lot of people don’t know how much streaming has an effect on artists these days, unsigned or signed. Streaming signifies relevance, demand.


  1. What are your social media accounts?

Greg: I am @grooglesvista on all accounts.

Hope: And I am @hopevista everywhere!


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