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We recently had the chance to chat with Breana Raquel from Nickelodeon’s “Nick Sketch Live” about getting cast, working on the show, filming CrypTV’s “Mohawk,” and more!

  1. How did you land your role on “Nick Sketch Live?”

I was actually cast off of my self tape! I did a character I developed based off of Anjelah Johnson’s “Bonquiqui” and a clip of me singing a mashup of my favorite artists!

  1. What is the show about?

NSL was all about doing Improv and developing characters. Once we found a character that we loved and thought really fit, our sketches were written based on that character!

  1. What is your favorite part about the show?

My favorite part of NSL was getting to create our own characters and really getting to play around and improv with the other kids!

  1. What has been your favorite episode to film?

NSL was actually a live performance and had a cast of 11 kids. Instead of episodes we performed our sketches live. Each sketch highlighted one main character that we came up with to showcase our creativity!

  1. What is it like getting to be a member of the Nickelodeon family?

It was awesome being a part of the Nick family! I met so many wonderful people and we were all best friends, so it was really fun to work with the other kids in the cast! I’m still really great friends with a lot of them!

  1. What are some of your other favorite Nickelodeon shows?

My all time favorite Nick shows were the classics! iCarly, Zoey101, Drake and Josh! Those shows were literally my childhood. My favorite current show on Nickelodeon is Henry Danger!

  1. What can you share with us about the series you have coming out with Crypt-TV?

The series I did with CryptTV is called “Mohawk”. It’s about a family that moves to a town that’s haunted by an 11 year old ghost. Her name is “Estelle” and it’s the role I’m playing. Although Estelle is this ghost that’s been haunting the town “Mohawk” for centuries, she has a soft side and makes friends with one character in particular that she can relate to! It’s a very thrilling series and I had a blast scaring everyone on set in all the fx makeup I wore!

  1. How will it be different from your previous projects?

I’ve never done anything horror, so it was really interesting being on the other side of it and wearing all the cool makeup and chains!

  1. When an where can fans tune into “Nick Sketch Live?”

Unfortunately NSL wasn’t broadcasted, but you can watch Mohawk on CrypTV’s Facebook page!

  1. Do you have any other projects fans can look forward to?

I just filmed a pilot called “We’re Gonna Make it After All”. It’s a mockumentary style show about a group of people running a gym. Things get crazy, and it’s nonstop comedy! I play the intern “Kennedy” and she is quite the instigator. I had a lot of fun on this project!

  1. Do you have any fun summer plans you’d like to share with us?

Yes! My family LOVES to travel and usually we go on vacation around the holidays but this year we are actually going to London and Paris in the summer! I’m SO excited I’ve always wanted to go to both of those places!!

  1. What are your social media accounts?

All of my accounts are @breanaraquel except for my Snapchat, which is: Breanaa_175.

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