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We recently had the chance to chat with actor/writer Steve Olson about working on “Fishbowl California,” playing his character, filming “Those Who Can’t”, and more!

  1. What was the audition process like for Fishbowl California? Was this your first lead role in a film or TV show?

Two self-taped auditions and a final in-person chemistry read with Katherine Cortez. And yes, my first leading role in a film!

  1. What is the film about?  

An odd-couple dramedy about (my character) Rodney, who crosses paths with and finds inspiration thru older, hardened widow named June.   

  1. How would you describe Rodney?  

Rodney’s an entitled slacker.  A film critic named Jeff York wrote a hilarious description, “Rodney thinks his quick quips and bemused attitude about everything are enough of a resume.” Hit the nail on the head.

  1. What was your favorite scene to film?

The dinner scene with June was really fun because it was such a pivotal scene and required quite a lot.  The Kate Flannery and Richard Riehle scenes were also really fun because it’s never not fun working with such polished veterans.  

  1. What was a typical day like on-set?

For me, it was fun, demanding, fast-paced and no downtime over a 12-14-day period. It’s a strange but exhilarating black hole you fall into, there’s nothing like I’ve experienced or can compare it to.  Lots of highly stressful scenarios occur over the course of making any independent film; the director, producers and crew are essentially problem-solving 24/7, it’s really an immense feat to witness being accomplished, my hats go off to the whole team.   

  1. What is a behind-the-scenes secret you could share with us?

Hmm…I think one funny thing was the final edit of the scene where June finds me outside her house in my car – that was filmed at two separate locations, so she’s talking to me on the sidewalk in North Hollywood, and it cuts to me in the car in West Hollywood.  You can’t tell at all, kudos to Michael the director and editor!

  1. Were you a fan of the others in the film prior to working with them? How did that transfer over once you began working together? (Kate Flannery, Katrina Bowden and Quinton Aaron to name a few)

Yes, absolutely, I was very familiar with quite a few of the other cast members work, Kate, Katrina, Quinton, Tim, Richard, Max.  It’s beyond exciting getting to work with people you know and admire, it also feels like they’ve called you up from the minors and told you are going to bat against Nolan Ryan, and they’re like, you really think you can hit his fastball?  I’m like uhh…I guess we’ll find out?

  1. Where can fans catch the film?

Fishbowl California’s available on ITunes/Amazon/Vudu/Cable VOD; DVD’s are available on Amazon and Target.com.

  1. Are you working on any other projects you’d like to share with us?

I just shot a guest star role on the sitcom “Those Who Can’t”, a really funny show.  


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