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Keys And Vices Talk Album “Chronic Nostalgia” In Exclusive Interview! (@KeysandVices)

  1. How did you come up with the title “Chronic Nostalgia” for your upcoming album?

Chronic, being defined as a problem that’s long-lasting, and difficult to eradicate. Nostalgia, being a sentimental longing to go back to a period in your life that you were most happy. The words are opposite and conflicting but embodies the songs on this album. Happy memories, a time in my life that I want to have back, and never want to think about again from being so harrowing after a life changing event.


  1. What was the inspiration behind it?

I wrote and recorded most of the songs immediately following an event in my life that was out of my own control, and very much changed me as a person. These songs really captured the mental and emotional space I was trapped in. The album name itself, “Chronic Nostalgia”, explains the headspace within each of these songs, and begs to answer the question, “how do you stop your mind from being on a constant loop of thoughts and memories?”.


  1. What is your favorite song off the album?

My absolute favorite song from the album is, “Ghost Love”. The day I wrote that song, I wrote it from start to finish within 10 minutes. I remember sitting at my piano, closing my eyes and singing exactly what had just happened a few moments prior. Songwriting, being used to transcribe feelings into musical stories, allowed me to be completely raw and authentic in this song. I went to Sean Stack, who co-produced this album with me, and I told him I don’t want this song to be edited or any vocal imperfections to be smoothed. I want the listener to hear every cracked vocal, every emotion that I felt as the songwriter. We recorded 4 takes all the way from start to finish, and picked the take with the most emotion, and it was the 1st one. To say I put my heart into this album, into this particular song, is a drastic understatement. I put my life in this album for anyone to hear.


  1. How would you describe your sound?

I would describe our sound as a cross betwewen alternative rock and singer/songwriter.


  1. How is this project different from those you’ve previously released?

In my previous band, “March Into Paris” (a music life before Keys And Vices), the sound was more hard-hitting rock, open to interpretation lyrics, and melodies that followed the song’s cadence. Keys And Vices, is a passion project that allowed me to go through my own version of therapy through the honesty of intimate songwriting and showcase my musical background.


  1. What was the writing and recording process like?

I’ve been playing and writing music (piano, guitar) since I was very young, and this was my chance to write songs from my own personal sound, and vocals that lead like a guitar. For a while, the writing was emotionally draining but also musically explosive. I would wake up at 2am and go straight to my computer and guitar with sporadic inspiration (don’t worry, I own headphones, no neighbors were harmed in the writing of this album). Mid-way through the album, I started feeling stuck with my sound and needing some fresh ears, and that’s where Kristopher Ayala (drums) and Kevin McCarty (bass) come in. We’ve been friends for a decade and previous bandmates in “March Into Paris”. They came in and rescued me with some much needed eclectic sound and raw energy. We wrote 3 songs together on this album (Running Away, How Do I, Out of My Head), and I couldn’t have finished this album without them.


  1. What do you think fans are going to take away from the album?

I think fans will listen to this album and take away with them a familiar feeling. Everyone has experienced pain in their life, and that pain can come from many places – the death of a loved one, betrayal and abandonment of a soulmate, or your own vices that destroy the possibility of triumph. Love is a powerful thing and at its’ most powerful when it abandons you.


  1. Are you hosting any events or touring to promote the album?

Yes! Our album release show is in our hometown of Sacramento, CA at Old Ironsides, on March 15th, the same day our album is officially released.


  1. When and where can fans purchase or stream the album?

Our album will be available March 15th, on all major music distribution sites such as iTunes, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and Spotify (to name a few).


  1. What are your social media platforms?

Facebook: @keysandvicesband

Twitter: @keysandvices

Instagram: @keysandvices

Keys And Vices website:

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