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Karan Brar Attends The Premiere Of “Sofia The First” In California! (@TheKaranBrar)

Karan Brar recently tweeted a picture of himself from the premiere of “Sofia the First.” With this he wrote “Hey guys if you have little brothers or sisters maker sure

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Peyton List Has A Strong Resemblance To Honey Boo Boo!! (@peytonlist)

Peyton List recently tweeted some pictures of herself from when she was a baby along with some picture of Honey Boo Boo! With this she wrote “Do you the resemblance??

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Halloween On The Set Of Jessie! (@thedebbyryan) (@peytonlist)(@officialskai)(@Thekaranbrar)(@thecameronboyce)

Kevin Chamberlin recently tweeted a picture of the cast of Jessie in their Halloween costumes on set! With this he wrote “Halloween on the #Jessie set! @thedebbyryan @TheKaranBrar @OfficialSkai @thecameronboyce.”

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Meet Peyton List In Tunica, Mississippi (@peytonlist)

Peyton List recently wrote to all of her fans that she was having a meet and greet in Tunica, Mississippi! The meet and greet is on September 15th from 3-6pm!

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Peyton List “I Will” For 9/11 Day (@peytonlist)

Peyton List recently tweeted a video of herself saying “I Will” for 9/11 day. With this she wrote “Check out my @911day pledge and join me in performing a good

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Peyton List Hits 150k Followers On Twitter (@peytonlist)

Peyton List hit 150k followers on Twitter today! Isn’t that great?! Make sure you tweet her and congratulate her on her big day! Have you seen Diary Of A Wimpy

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Peyton List Had Fun Meeting Her Fans At Robinson Mall (@peytonlist)

Peyton List was at Robinson Mall today to meet all of her fans for the Back To School Saturday event! With this, she signed autographs and took pictures! If you

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Help Get Zachary Gordon To 45k Followers On Twitter (@zacharygordon)

Zachary Gordon recently tweeted that he is only 600 followers away from doing and #AskZacharyGordon on Twitter! Make sure you tell all of your followers to follow Zachary and help

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