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Davis Cleveland With Caley Camarillo At Her Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser! (@daviscleveland) (@misscaley)

Davis Cleveland recently tweeted a picture of himself with Caley Camarillo at her Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser! With this he wrote “@DavisCleveland & @MissCaley W O R L D W I

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Adam Irigoyen,Caroline Sunshine,and Davis Cleveland Have Fun Skating At LA Live!(@DavisCleveland)(@adamirigoyen)(@CSunshine)

Here is a picture of Caroline Sunshine, Adam Irigoyen, and Davis Cleveland ice skating at LA Live! Doesn’t it look like fun?! Have a great time!

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Caroline Sunshine Has A Grilled Cheese Fest With Davis Cleveland (@4castissunshine) (@daviscleveland)

Caroline Sunshine recently tweeted “Grilled cheese-fest today with @DavisCleveland.” With this she tweeted a picture of both of their grilled cheeses together! Hope you enjoyed them!

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Zendaya Is Hanging Out With Her “Lil Bro” Davis (@zendaya96) (@daviscleveland)

Zendaya recently tweeted a picture of herself hanging out with her “lil bro” Davis Cleveland! With this picture she wrote “Me and my lil bro💙 @davis123456789.” Hope you both have

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