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Stefanie Scott Loves To Read! (@stefaniescott1)

Stefanie Scott recently tweeted a picture of herself reading a book at Barnes and Nobles! With this she wrote “I just spent three hours in Barnes and Noble. It was

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Stefanie Scott’s New Song “FYI” Comes Out On September 18th! (@stefaniescott1)

Stefanie Scott recently tweeted “#FYI #RELEASE #SEPTEMBER18 #FYIDONTLETTHEWORLDMAKEYOUOVER.” Are you ready to hear more of Stefanie’s awesome music?! Comment below and tell us what your favorite episode of ANT Farm

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Stefanie Scott’s Second To Last Day On The Set Of ANT Farm Season 2! (@stefaniescott1)

Stefanie Scott recently tweeted a picture of herself looking fabulous as usual and wrote “Second to lat day on set of #ANTFarm season 2! gonna miss Claire bear:(.” Don’t be

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Stefanie Scott And Keeley Marshall Attend The Teen Vogue Event(@stefaniescott1) (@keeleymarshall)

Stefanie Scott and Keeley Marshall both attended Teen Vogues Back To School Saturday event in California. How was it girls?! By the way, your earrings are so beautiful Stefanie! Hope

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Stefanie Scott’s Dog Can Talk (@stefaniescott1)

Stefanie Scott recently tweeted a video of her dog Mocha saying “I Love You.” Isn’t that justmso adorable?!! If your dog can talk like Stefanie’s what can yours say?! Check

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