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Interview With Model Jayla Renee Franklin!

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with model Jayla Renee Franklin. During the interview Jayla talked about getting her start in the entertainment industry, filming a TARGET commercial,

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Asia Monet Ray Partners With Target To Design Clothing Line Collection: “Art Class of 2017” (@AsiaMonetRay)

Asia Monet Ray partnered with Target to design a clothing line collection called “Art Class of 2017”. The line is now out in Target stores everywhere! Asia posted on Instagram: “In @Target ,

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Pick Up Your Copy Of R5’s Album “Louder” Out Now! (@officialr5) (@rossr5) (@rikerr5)(@ratliffr5)(@rydelr5)(@rockyr5)

R5’s album “Louder” came out today in stores all over like Target, Justice, and more! Make sure you pick up your copy in stores now or on ITunes here —->>

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