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Bella Thorne Visits The San Diego Zoo (@bellathorne)

Bella Thorne recently tweeted that she was at the San Diego Zoo! With this she posted a picture of a tiger! We hope she keeps posting more picture of the

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Dylan Riley Snyder Saw “ParaNorman” This Morning! (@dylanrsnyder) (@billyunger)

Dylan Riley Snyder recently tweeted a picture of himself, Billy Unger, Eric Unger, and Phoenix List together with the hit star from ParaNorman! How did you all like the movie?!

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Lexxi Saal’s Fans Have Some Awesome Nails!! (@lexxisaal)

Lexxi Saal recently tweeted a picture of one of her fans nails with her face on it! Aren’t those cool! Hope you had a great time preforming today Lexxi!!

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Happy Birthday Olivia Holt (@olivia_holt)

Happy Birthday to the totally awesome Olivia Holt!! If you haven’t wished her a happy birthday make sure you send her a tweet wishing her a great one! Hope you

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Happy Birthday Adam Irigoyen (@adamirigoyen)

Today is a great day because it is Adam Irigoyen’s birthday! If you haven’t wished him a happy birthday yet, make sure you send him a tweet wishing him a

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Teala Dunn Has Back To Back Events Today (@ttlyteala)

Teala Dunn recently tweeted a picture of herself looking fabulous as usual and wrote “Back to back events today. So excited ;).” Hope you have tons of fun today Teala!!

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Help Get Zachary Gordon To 45k Followers On Twitter (@zacharygordon)

Zachary Gordon recently tweeted that he is only 600 followers away from doing and #AskZacharyGordon on Twitter! Make sure you tell all of your followers to follow Zachary and help

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China Anne Mcclain Is “So Interested.” (@realchinaanne)

China Anne Mcclain recently tweeted a picture of herself looking fabulous as usual rocking her “Cool Story Bro” shirt! With this picture she wrote “So interested.” Comment below and tell

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Mandy Rain’s Music Video Hits 20k Views On YouTube (@realmandyrain) (@justinbieber)

Mandy Rain recently posted a video of her cover of “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber and it has blown up like crazy! Don’t you just love

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