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1. What can you tell us about your role in “The Paperclip”?

I played the wife of a man who couldn’t delegate his work duties, so he took on too much and was barely home. My choice for Shawn, is that she is  very patient and understanding. Shawns father was a workaholic as well, so she is used to that dynamic. Though she does wish dearly that her husband would, or could, let go a little of the work load and trust that his staff can do just as good of a job as he can.  My characters father was the owner of the company my husband took over, and he’s the one that reminds my husband that family is truly more important than work. It was a lovely project to be a part of!

2. What is the film about?

To treasure your loved ones and to find a healthy balance between ones career and family time. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and the responsibility that parents face with providing for their family. It’s about stoping, taking a step back, and taking a deep breath.

3. What was the fan reaction like to the project?

I was super blessed to be nominated Best Actress, and while I didn’t win, we did win Best Supporting Actor and Best Film at the 168 Hour Film Festival! Plus, my grandmother walked the red carpet with me, and that was purely magical 🙂

4. What was the biggest thing you learned from working on that project?

I learned how to trust my instincts. There are so many things going on when you’re on set, it’s important to stay focused and remember the story that you’re telling.

5. What can you tell us about your role on the web series “Loaded LaLa”?Wow, that was my first project I wrote, produced, edited and starred in with one of my dearest friends. We both had so many cringe worry “dating” experiences. We thought it’d be fun to poke at them.  My character, Charlie, was the free spirited, call you out when you need to be, honest and loyal best friend. I learned so so much on that project!

6. How is your work on the web series different from that of the television series “Background”?

Completely different!  All I had to do for Background was show up and perform. I didn’t have to write, or produce or do any post work! It was definitely less responsibility, so that was great! I could really concentrate on my part and my scene.

7. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Yes! I am so excited that the Feature film “Followed” I am in,  will have a limited theatrical release in 2020!! I was written in the part of Nic after my original audition and call back for a different character. Viscape Arts is an INCREDIBLE team and they did an amazing job!! Plus, it’s based on real events! Keep an eye out for it! You can also watch the trailer for it here :https://youtu.be/PUODlFShiM8

8. What back-to-school advice can you offer to students returning to school? Stay focused. I know it seems like time ticks very slowly when you’re younger. Enjoy it! Time is fleeting, be present! And don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams. Be nice to others, and have pride in everything you do. Also, Floss and wear sunscreen!!

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