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Olivia Holt Has Fun With Her Friends(@olivia_holt)(@dylanrsnyder)(@officialskai)(@thecameronboyce) (@peytonlist)

Olivia Holt recently tweeted a picture of herself hanging out with Dylan Riley Snyder and her friends from “Jessie.” With this she wrote “Smile pretty, y’alls.”

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Carlon Jeffery Posts A Video “Something Pleasurable For The Ear.” (carlonjeffery)

Carlon Jeffery recently posted a video of him rapping “Something Pleasurable For The Ear.” Make sure you comment below and tell us what you think!

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Olivia Holt Enjoys Starbucks With Her Friends! (@olivia_holt) (@officialskai) (@iamleohoward)

Olivia Holt recently tweeted a picture of her Starbucks that she was enjoying with her friends! With this she wrote “starbucks galore #itshappening.” Enjoy!

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Dylan Riley Snyder Attends The Premiere Of “Pitch Perfect.” (@dylanrsnyder)

Dylan Riley Snyder recently tweeted a picture of himself looking sharp at the premiere of “Pitch Perfect.” With this he wrote “Seeing #Pitchperfect support the Arts!” Hope you enjoyed the

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Joey King Is Having Fun In Montreal (@JoeyKingActress)

Joey King recently tweeted a picture of herself having a fun time in Montreal! With this picture she wrote “Betcha can’t find me in the crowd!! Haha #lovingmontreal.” Have fun!

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