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The Cast Of Austin And Ally Is Having A Blast At Their Premiere Party! (@raini_rodriguez) (@yaylauramarano) (@calumworthy) (@rossr5)

Calum Worthy recently tweeted a picture of himself with his other cast members from Austin and Ally at their premiere party! With this he wrote “A bird stole my phone

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Bella Thorne Is On Her Way To A Photoshoot With Dani Brubaker! (@bellathorne) (@danibrubaker)

Bella Thorne recently tweeted a picture of herself on her way to a photoshoot with Dani Brubaker! With this she wrote “doing my last poto shoot with @danibrubaker as a

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Teala Dunn Blows Kisses To Her Fans With Her Friends!(@ttlyteala)(@sampottorff)(@ericunger)

Teala Dunn recently tweeted a picture of herself blowing kisses to her fans with her friends at an event last night! With this she wrote “Kisses @giordanaotero @sampottorff @ericunger @KshaClark

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