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Francesca Capaldi Is Having Fun In Italy At Epcot! (@imthefrancescac)

Francesca Capaldi recently tweeted a picture of herself in Italy in Epcot! With this she wrote “I’m Italy at Epcot! ♡ @ImTheFrancescaC #italy #epcot #Disney #Disneyworld #DWAB #dogwithablog #francescacapaldi #Francesca

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Exclusive Interview With Meredith Prunty! (@meredithprunty)

We recently had the chance to speak with the lovely Meredith Prunty! Meredith has been recently working on films such as “Milkweed” and “Backmask.” Make sure you read her interview

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Throwback Thursday: Stefanie Scott Playing Her Very First Video Game! (@stefaniescott)

Stefanie Scott recently tweeted a picture of herself playing her very first video game! With this she wrote “Playing my first video game.” So adorable!

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Zendaya Poses Like Beyonce For Her Fans! (@zendaya)

Zendaya recently tweeted a picture of herself doing a super cute Beyonce pose! With this she wrote “So the paparazzi guy asked me to do a Beyoncé pose…lol #Zswaggers.” How

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Gracie Dzienny Cute As Tarzan! (@graciedzienny)

Gracie Dzienny recently tweeted a picture of herself from when she was little looking so adorable dressed liked Tarzan! With this she wrote “#tbt Tarzan ain’t got notin on baby

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