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Exclusive Interview With Tara Nicole Azarian! (@TaraAzarian)

We recently had the chance to speak with the lovely Tara Nicole Azarian! During the interview, Tara talked about her first project, favorite actresses and actor, an upcoming film that

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Exclusive: Andrea Russett And Kian Lawley Give A Shoutout To Celebrityhautespot!(@andrearussett)(@kianlawley)

We recently had the chance to see Andrea Russett and Kian Lawley at their meet and greet in Central Park! During the event, Andrea and Kian met fans and took

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Exclusive Interview With Keenan Cahill At Digi Fest NYC! (@keenancahill)

We recently had the chance to speak with Keenan Cahill at Digi Fest in NYC! During the interview Keenan talked about performing, the fans, getting discovered, Katy Perry, and more! 

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