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Gia Mantegna Says Thank You To Levi’s Haus (@giamantegna)

Gia Mantegna recently tweeted a picture of Levi’s Haus! With this picture she wrote “Thank you Levi’s Haus…. more like Levi’s Heaven Xx.” Looks like a fun time Gia!

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Stefanie Scott Is In The Hair Chair With Jake Short (@stefaniescott1) (@thejakeshort)

Stefanie Scott recently tweeted a picture of herself in the hair chair with Jake Short! With this picture she wrote Hair chair! Nice face jake. @thejakeshort haha.” Funny face Jake!

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Kat McNamara Runs Into Leo Howard (@kat_mcnamara) (@iamleohoward)

Kat McNamara recently tweeted a picture of herself with Leo Howard from Kickin’ It! With this picture she wrote Great to see @iamleohoward last night! Congrats on the wrap of season 2!

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Stefanie Scott Sends A Sweet Birthday Message To Her Friend Keely Marshall (@Stefaniescott1) (@KeelyMarshall)

Stefanie Scott tweets a sweet birthday message to one of her best friends Keely Marshall. Stefanie recently just tweeted a tweet saying “She’s the definition of a true friend considering

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Audrey Whitby Talks Instagram On IMO (@starringaudreyw) (@missteenthings) (@Bethanynoelm) (@ciaraquinn)

  Audrey Whitby recently tweeted that she was talking instagram on IMO! Make sure you check it out on Awesomeness TV on YouTube!

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Ashley Argota Takes A Flashback To Her First Episode Of Figure It Out (@Ashleyargota9)

Ashley Argota recently tweeted a picture of herself and said that todays episode of Figure It Out was the first episode that she did and it was the first time

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Jake Short Visits The Best Alien Store In The Middle Of The Desert Ever (@TheJakeShort)

Jake Short recently tweeted a picture of himself and tweeted “Best alien store in the middle of the desert ever.” Jake looks like he had an awesome time!

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Taylor Gray Gets A Little Taste Of Paris (@_Taylor_Gray_)

Taylor Gray recently just tweeted a picture from his recent trip to Europe and he wrote “little taste of Paris.” He looks like he had a ton of fun! Comment

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Madison Pettis And Jessica Jarrell Have A Girls Day (@MadisonPettis22) (@JessicaJarrell)

Madison Pettis and Jessica Jarrell look like they are having an awesome  time shopping on their girls day today. Madison recently tweeted “lunch and shopping with my Love Pastry big

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