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Interview With Allisyn Ashley Arm In New York City! (@Allisyn_A_Arm)

We recently had the chance to interview the super talented and sweet Allisyn Ashley Arm in New York City! During the interview Allisyn talked about working on “So Random” and

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Check Out Elle Winter’s Cover Of “Made In The USA” (@ElleWinterx)

Elle Winter released her cover to Demi Lovato’s “Made In The USA” today! Make sure you check it out and comment what you think!  

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Exclusive Interview With Damien Haas From Disney’s So Random! (@damienhaas)

Photo Credit Vincent Sandoval We recently had the chance to talk with Damien Haas from Disney Channel’s So Random! During the interview we talked about his fans, So Random, crazy

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Audrey Whitby Interviewed Carlon Jeffery Today (@starringaudreyw) (@carlonjeffery)

Audrey Whitby recently tweeted a picture of herself looking absolutely fabulous with Carlon Jeffery! With this she wrote “Interviewed @CarlonJeffery today! So fun!!! @awesomenesstv #poy2012” How did it go?!

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