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) 1)  Was it fun to be on Jessie?
A:  Yeah it was a really great experience to shoot with my sister again.

2)  How long did the filming of Spaz take?
A:  It took me 4 weeks to shoot spaz.

3)  Whats your favorite song?
A:  Well right now I like the song I’m Sexy and I Know it.

4)  Who are your inspirations?
A:  Leonardo Dicaprio inspires me because hes been acting since he was little.

5)  When did you become an actor?
A:  I became an actor when I was 5 I did a law and order svu and i knew from then on I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

6)  NY or LA
A:  LA because the weather is so nice.

7)  Movies or books
A:  I like books more because you get more detail out of them than you do a movie.

8)  Movies or TV
A:  I like movies better because their fun to watch and shoot I like to shoot different generes movies because it gets boring when  you do the same thing.

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