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Below is our exclusive interview with Tucker Albrizzi from ParaNorman!

1. What was it like working on ParaNorman?
It was a lot of fun working on ParaNorman. We started recording lines over two years ago so I’ve been waiting a long time for it to come out! We would record lines in the studio with Chris and Sam the Directors on the film. They would give me all these funny lines and make me use improvisation. I play the voice of Neil who is Normans only friend. The directors kept adding lines about why bullies pick on him, so it’s a good thing Neil can laugh at himself. Neil is a kind of geek but he’s totally okay with that. He knows bullies pick on him for a whole bunch of reasons but he doesn’t let it bother him. Neil thinks Norman is great and instead of thinking Norman is weird because he can see ghosts, Neil thinks Normans awesome. I really like how loyal Neil is to Norman and he would take on bullies or grownups or zombies to help his friend!

3. What’s your favorite scene in ParaNorman?
I think my favorite scene is in Neil’s backyard with Norman and Neil’s ghost dog Bub. That whole scene was improved in the studio with Kodi. The directors just told us to pretend we were playing with Bub and that whole scene came out. I like where I pretend I caught the stick I threw Bub in my mouth. When recording that scene I put my finger in my mouth and bit it!

4. What can your fans expect from ParaNorman?
ParaNorman is a really great movie. It’s funny and scary and has a great story about bullying and being okay with being different. I think it’s too scary for really little kids but I think adults and kids will both like it! My voice totally changed since we started filming ParaNorman so it’s a lot different now. People who know me from Big Time Rush recognize my voice but are amazed at how different it is now. My last Good Luck Charlie my voice had started changing so those fans aren’t as surprised when they hear me
talk now.

5. Do you have any upcoming projects?
I just filmed a pilot for Disney XD called Shmagreggie Saves the World and I play the lead, Shmagreggie.

6. What is it like working with the boys of Big Time Rush?
The guys are really great. They have always been so nice. They joke around with me, Carlos always messes with me and tries to make me laugh right before they say “action”. He’s like my brother that way!

7. What is your favorite episode of Big Time Rush that you were in ?
I’ve had fun on all of them but Big Time Fever was fun because we got to film in the pool AND have a snowball fight in the park during that episode. Any episode in the pool is fun!

8. What is it like being on Good Luck Charlie?
Really fun! Each episode takes a week to rehearse and film so we get to hang out and play games during lunch. The kids are all nice, so is the Director and all the crew!

Thanks Tucker!
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