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1. How did you get your start in acting and singing?

I always wanted to be a singer since the day I was born. Me and my parents moved from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Hollywood Ca in hopes of me becoming a recording artist. While I was pursuing that dream, I also wanted to try out the acting side of things. Luckily I was able to book Hannah Montana as one of my first auditions…better yet my first job. With that, came the opportunities for more blessings for me and my career.

2. Many people know you from the hit show Hannah Montana what was it like working on the show?

Miley and Anna Maria were the closest friends I had on the show. It was an amazing learning experience. The show really helped me understand what it was like work with a team, and I feel like I use that knowledge in real life which helped make me a team player!

3. What was your favorite part about being on the show?

My favorite part about being on the show was meeting a bunch of guest stars that would come on every week. One of my favorite moments was when I met Dolly Parton on the show! I can never forget working with one of my country idols

4. So you are the face of the Kenya doll can you tell us a little bit about that?

Yes it is true! I am the face of the African American doll line Kenya. I guess you can say Kenya will be following the footsteps of Hannah Montana in a way. My alter ego would be Kenya, a bookworm by day, but a rockstar by night. She sings, plays the guitar, and has a band called Kenya and the Rockstar Madness Band. She tours around the world and spreads a strong message to young children about the true meaning of being proud. I plan to touch and make a strong impact on the next generation in a positive way. I think it’s time to have an African American romodel like myself for children to look up to.

5. You sing as well can you tell us about your YouTube channel?

Yes, my YouTube channel has a variety of a lot of different videos. You can find me perform some of my favorite covers, as well as interviews, along with seeing my work on various television shows!

6. Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations vary from a different performance spectrum. I look up to Avril Lavigne and Alanis for their melody usage as well as their twang that they use lyrically in their songs. Although, I also want to immitate Taylor Swifts girl next door relatable image with her same fan base.

7. Do you have any upcoming projects?

I do have A LOT of upcoming projects! I have a webseries that recently came out called Pretty Tough. You can catch all 5 episodes on www.hulu.com/pretty-tough.I’m going to make a guest star appearance on ABC’s Suburgatory January 30th. In February me and the Rockstar Madness Band will make an appearance on The Apollo for black history month. Then shortly after that we have a Spring tour in South Africa and Dubai. I’m launching a cosmetic line for Kenya that will take place in the summer…as well as a Wall-Mart tour in the summer. More great things to come!

8. Do you have any social media accounts where your fans can stay in touch with you?

Please go to my website for updated news and pictures! www.shanicaknowles.com Follow me on Instagram, twitter, and facebook @iamshanica

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