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 Jaidan Jiron
1. How did you get your start in acting?
 I always knew I wanted to act & would beg my mom when I was 5 to let me. She would say no, she didn’t want me in the business. When I was 9 her friend was a  Talent manager & told her she would watch over me so she said okay.
 2. What was your first project?
 My first project was a Burger King commercial! It was so fun.
3. What is it like working on Deadtime Stories?
 Working on Deadtime Stories was honestly such an amazing experience. I loved working with everyone!
4. What was your favorite scene to film so far?
 My favorite scene to film was the scene towards the end in the gift shop. We filmed it as one long scene and it was really cool!
5. Who are your favorite actresses and or actors?
 My favorite actress is Anne Hathaway & Miley Cyrus and my favorite actor is Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling
6. What is your favorite movie?
 I loved the movie “The Artist.” the acting was amazing and it was such a good story!
7.Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to become an actress like yourself?
 Always stay true to yourself and always keep going! its really hard in the beginning and sometimes you won’t get a lot of parts, but it always works out! 

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