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1. How did you get your start in acting?
I actually started doing print modeling in NYC when I was 7 years old. It was a suggestion from a friend. Once I tried it, I loved it! Print work lead to commercials,voice-overs, and eventually television and film.

2. You were on Good Luck Charlie what was that like? 

Good Luck Charlie was the first Disney show I Co-starred on and I was very excited because it is one of my favorite shows! It was really fun to be on set with the cast and everyone I worked with was super nice! The script was so fun and I was really happy to be doing what I love!

3. You also were on Jessie what was it like working with the cast? 

Another great Disney show! The majority if the cast are kids so it was a really fun environment to work in. It was also a bonus to hang out with one of my best friends Peyton List who plays Emma on the show.  We didn’t have any scenes together but it was cool to hang around the set with her all week.  Everyone is really funny both on and off camera!

4. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be an actor and or actress? 

I would say never give up! Enjoy the journey – it may be long and it is super important to stay positive!

5. If you could star on a television show what would it be? 

Hollywood Heights on Teen Nick.  I absolutely love the show and it’s a teen soap opera which is where my heart is.  One if my first roles was on the soap opera As the World Turns. I guess I am a hopeless romantic!:)

6. Who are your inspirations? 

Ryan Gosling- I want to follow in his acting footsteps.  He seems so down to earth and nice. He also seems to have a strong work ethic which I admire.  7. If you could costar with another actor or actress who would it be?

See question 6.:). I would be honored to work with him! He is so talented. I would probably faint though before I could even get the words out. ( maybe they could write that in the script!:))
8. Do you have any upcoming projects? 
The episode of Jessie I was in airs sometime this month.  I also had a supporting role in the Independent Film, “Wrong Cops” directed by Quentin Dupieux. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.  

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