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  1. How did you get your start in acting?

When I was younger I used to do modeling for catalogs and such, I slowly worked myself up to where I am today. When I was about 10 I wanted a PSP, my mom made me work and save for it. The only job I could think of was commercial. 

2.  You are on Life with Boys what is that like?

It’s fun, I really enjoyed getting beat up by a girl on my first episode, ha-ha. It’s a really fun cast and crew to work with. I play Andy “the wrestler” so I had to learn a bit about the sport first.

3. You also were in the Kit Kittredge movie what was it like working with the cast?

I really enjoyed working with everyone. Abigail Breslin and Willow Smith were very nice and really down to earth people.  I also made sure to keep in touch with my friend Zack Mills after we finished production. The producers were Julia Roberts and her sister Lisa Gillian; I had a chance to work again with them on Jesus Henry Christ 2 years ago.

4.  Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be an actor and or actress?

I have one word; Dedication. In order to become a successful actor, one must be determined to do so and be willing to push through the barrage of negativity present in the acting world. So what if someone doesn’t hire you, you have to keep pushing forward. Coaching & classes a must

5.If you could star on a television show what would it be?

The Walking Dead, I know! Lol, but I really enjoy the writing and story line!

6.  Who are your inspirations?

I’d say… Matt Damon, he’s an awesome actor and humanitarian. I also like Leonardo DiCaprio, watching him grow in all his films as an actor and seeing his versatility in the characters he plays.

7. If you could co-star with another actor or actress who would it be?

Morgan Freeman, I’d love to have the chance to sit down and have conversation with him.

8. Do you have any upcoming projects?

Watch out for me in NBC’s new series, “Hannibal” and also check me out on Cartoon Network, I guest star on the show “Mud Pit. “as Marvin I have been cast in a project written by a really talented actor and writer Mark Obrien who plays Des Courtney on “Republic of Doyle”. Just looking for a backer right now.

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