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We recently caught up with the Ochoa Boyz in Times Square this past week while they were in NYC for their performance at POP Explosion NYC! We chatted with the boyz about their performance at POP Explosion NYC, music,Vlado, upcoming projects, most memorable fan encounters, what their NYC trip has been like and more!

The boys told us about how they got to meet one of their biggest fans Eveline (@Team_Ochoa) who came all the way from Quebec to see and meet them at their show after 5 years of supporting them! The boys even told us a joke that they heard from one of their good friends Kat McNamara (@Kat_McNamara) Make sure to check out the interview below and follow the Ochoa Boyz on Twitter @ochoaboyz, @ryanochoa, @robertochoa125 and @RickOchoa21.

Check it out below!

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