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We recently had the chance to chat with Jimmy Deshler “Rafe” from General Hospital. He told us about his role on the show, how he started in the acting business and more. Make sure to follow him on twitter @jimmydee14 and watch General Hospital!

1.How did you get your start in acting?

I went to an open audition at Caryn Models and Talent in Minnesota and got asked to go to IMTA with them and after receiving good feedback from that, decided to relocate to LA

2. When did you realize that you wanted to become an actor?

When I was a kid I would watch Disney Channel and wish I was in the shows I was watching, and when I heard there was a slight chance of that happening, I was all for it.

3. What is it like working on General Hospital?

It’s the best job possible. I look forward to going to work everyday.

4. What is your favorite episode you have filmed?

My first episode was my favorite because it was kind of a milestone for me. Everything I had been working for finally was paying off.

5. Who are your inspirations?

Will Smith is a big inspiration as an actor, and my parents are big inspirations as well.

6. If you could costar with any actor/ actress who would it be and why?

I would love to work with Will Smith, he is my favorite actor and to able to say I’ve

worked with him, would be a huge honor.

7. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become and actor like yourself?

If you really want to succeed in acting, don’t let anything stop you or get in the way.

8. Do you ave any social media accounts where your fans can stay connected with


Twitter/Instagram: @jimmydee14 Facebook: Jimmy Deshler

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