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We recently had the chance to speak with the talented Julian Feder from “Wiener Dog Nationals.” Make sure you check out our interview with Julian below!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

I modeled when I was a baby living in Tokyo. When we moved to Singapore I didn’t model for a while, but when I was 6 I asked my mother if I could start doing it again. My first job in Singapore was filming an animated video where I had to pretend to do things and they put the animation in later. I loved it! After that I wanted to act all the time.

2. What was the first project you worked on?

As I said I have been modeling since I was a baby. My first short film was called “Play Fight”.

3. Can you tell us about Wiener Dog National and the character you play?

Wiener Dog Nationals is about a little boy named Danny, who I play. Danny ‘s mother has died and he is sad. One day, he finds a picture of his mother holding a Wiener dog and a trophy. He finds out that she used to race her dog. So the next day is his birthday and he asks for a Wiener dog. Danny adopts “Shelly” from a shelter and she turns out to be super fast. But, there is a bad lady named Ms. Merryweather who tries to get Shelly disqualified from racing so that her dog will win. Danny and his family have to work very hard to keep Shelly away from Ms. Merryweather and in the races. It’s a really great family film and the dogs are adorable.

4. Are you anything like your character?

Yes, Danny and I both love dogs!

5. Do you have any upcoming projects?

The HBO/Asia series “Serangoon Road” that I am in premieres on September 22nd. I play the lead as a little boy in flashback scenes. I have a short coming out soon called “Itsy Bitsy Spiders” which is really good, kind of creepy and I have straight hair! I did a music video for i-dep a Japanese band which will be out this fall and I recently filmed an episode of Rizzoli and Isles.

6. What are your social media accounts?

My twitter account is JulianFeder1. I also have a website julianfeder.com.

7. Is there anything you want to say to your fans who have been supporting you?

Thank you for supporting me, I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy Wiener Dog Nationals and my upcoming projects!

Thanks for chatting with us Julian!

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