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We recently had the chance to speak to the lovely Austin North from Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It.” Make sure you check out our interview with Austin below!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

Actually, my sister signed up for an open call audition & I went because my mom said I had to. After walking a bit into the process & doing a talent showcase & getting laughs, I felt a passion for it. I got callbacks with Hollywood agents & started from there with classes, training & everything that goes into building an acting career.

2. What was your first project?

I did commercials, then guest starred on Disney XD’s show ‘Kickin It’ playing a character named ‘Ricky Weaver’.

3. What can fans expect from your new show “I Didn’t Do It?”

I hope they can expect to laugh a lot. Honestly, I think it will appeal to a wide audience from younger to older & hope families can sit down & enjoyed it together.

4. Can you tell us about your character?

Logan Watson is a fraternal twin to Lindy, played by Olivia Holt. We have a deep down love for each other, but also don’t always agree, just like normal siblings. We’re at the point of starting high school & have our 3 childhood friends to go through this process with. We all have different personalities & dynamics between us & it’s a lot of fun.

5. How did you get involved in working on the show?

I’ve worked with Disney before, so when they called me in for this project, I was super excited. There were a lot of auditions & I was just absolutely thrilled when I got the call that I booked it. It’s better than I could have dreamed of.

6. Are you anything like your character in real life?

Yes, I’m super chill & laid-back, like Logan. Actually, we have a lot in common, but in real life, I haven’t really gotten myself into sticky situations like he does.

7. Do you have any memorable moments from set?

Well, we definitely have some behind the scenes bloopers going on, so that makes it fun. We play pranks on each other too & play games over our lunch hour a lot.

8. What is it like getting to work with the cast?

It’s so fun because we all really get along & love to laugh. We laugh a lot when we’re off camera. Each of us is really unique in our own way, but just like on the show, we love doing life together.

9. What do you like to do when you are not working?

I like to workout, drive my car, play basketball, hang out with my family & love my dogs.

10. What is your New Years resolution?

I really just look forward to making this my best year yet. Every year, that would be my hope. I like to enjoy life & I’m super grateful.

11. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Right now, I only have time for this first season of I Didn’t Do It. I’m sure I’ll be doing some new things after we break from this season, but not sure yet.

12. What are your social media accounts?

My twitter, Instagram & youtube are all AUSTINNORTH55

facebook is http://www.facebook.com/austinnorthfans

Photo Credit: Jared Thomas Kocka Photography

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