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We recently had the chance to speak with the talented Nolan Gross who will be starring in “Noah” later this month! Make sure you check out our interview with him below!

1. How did you get your start in acting? 
I got started when I was 6 by taking some classes. I always like performing on a stage and once I started taking acting classes I knew I wanted to do this. At the end of my 8 week acting class, I had an agent that asked me to meet and ended up working with them. My family moved back to Los Angeles about a year later and that is when things started to really take off.

 2. What was your first project? 

 My first booking was a music video for the band Steel Train’ song “Turnpike Ghost” and then I started doing commercials. My first three commercials were McDonalds, Mattel and a Disney Cars game. Noah was the first film that I booked and we shot it in the summer of 2012. When I returned I worked on American Horror Story, The New Normal and have finished 3 other feature films and 2 short films.

 3. Can you tell us about your new film “Noah” and your character? 

 I play Young Ham who is the young version of Logan Lerman’s character. I get to be part of the beginning of Noah’s journey and how it all started. 

Actually, funny story! I had an acting coach a couple of years ago that taught Logan too and told me I reminded him of Logan so when I booked the part and found out I get to play the younger version of Logan, I thought that was super cool!

 4. Are you anything like your character? 

 I play the younger version of Ham and tried to relate to this character as much as I could. It would be hard to imagine what it would be like if my father heard from God and was told the world was going to be flooded. As a kid, you always want to believe your parents but I think Ham also had to have some faith of his own. 

 5. Can you tell us about what it was like working on “American Horror Story?”

 Of course, I wasn’t allowed to watch the show until I was on it so I had no idea what it was about. The production of this show felt more like a movie then a TV show. The scenes were shot over and over and very creative and artistic. It was a lot of fun. I was on last year’s season finale and we shot my scene on the last day of shooting so it was cool to be apart of something that is so successful on their wrap day. I got to watch the episode I was in and thought it was pretty cool. 

 6. Do you have any future plans to reappear on “American Horror Story?”

I played the younger version of Dylan McDermott whose character dies in that episode but the great thing about that show is every season they have new characters and Dylan is still on the show so I can only hope that I might get another chance if they need a younger version of Dylan.


7. Do you prefer to work on television or movies?

 I have only been a guest star on television shows so you come in and out pretty quickly opposed to a movie where you are on the set or location for a good amount of days. I have been auditioning for a few tv series lead roles which would be fun to be a part of something on a consistent basis. So for now, I would have to say movies. 

 8. Who would you want to work with in the future? 

 Ryan Reynolds would be great and a lot of people say I could play Joseph Gordon-Levit son or a younger version so that would be fun. Russell Crowe was so kind to me on the set of Noah. It was fun to work with Russell. He was inspiring and super good with all the kids. He told us that we reminded him of his sons and even bought and signed soccer balls for us when he found out how much I love soccer. He would be great to work with again. Darren Aronofsky for sure! It was a privilege to get to be cast in the film Noah with so many great actors and to be directed by Darren.  


9. What do you like to do when you are not working? 
 I play club soccer and we have games every weekend. We play some of the hardest teams. I love watching soccer as well. We shot the movie Noah in Iceland and NY. We had 5 days off between Iceland and NY so my dad and i flew to Barcelona after Iceland and got to see Barcelona play Real Madrid which are my two favorite teams. That was something I will never forget.


 10. What are your social media accounts? 


11. Is there anything you want to say to your fans? 

 I turn 11 on Friday! Looking for to 2014 because 4 projects I have worked on come out so I have been waiting for this.

Thank you for chatting with us Nolan!

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