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How did you get your start in music?

My earliest memories (age 3 I believe) are of playing violin and my

teacher forcing me to stand up during lessons while she sat down. Violin
was not my favorite and so at some point I am told i would lie on the
floor and refuse to play.  Finally after countless hours of begging my
parents to buy me a guitar and their continued refusal, i dismantled my
violin beyond repair and won the battle for the guitar which I have been
playing since.


Who or what inspires your music?

There is so much to be inspired by, I think it is often more about being
willing to accept inspiration rather than something hitting me without my
searching for it.  However I am often hit by a wave of inspiration, and it
comes in many forms.  It can be as simple as an incredible synth sound
(which is what originally drew me to EDM) a melody that twists and inverts
itself forming a kind of elegant circle, or even something totally
different like a book, movie, or sensation that I have.  For example, I
recently read the Hunger Games books, and they put me into such a unique
state of mind, everything I did during that time has a certain underscore
type feeling to it.  When I look back I remember it like has an
interesting color or smell.  Inspiration takes work to capture, but when I
do capture it the result is a kind of blueprint of my mind at that time
from that inspiration.


Can you tell us about your music (Genre, style)?

The birth of this new music venture can be attributed to my discovery and
love of EDM.  However when I learn a style, my way of understanding it is
to put it into my own terms.  This means I take everything I am
artistically leading up to the time of the ‘discovery’ and merge it, pull
from it, adapt it, in order to rediscover myself.  The style of the music
I am creating now is just that – a take on EDM merged with my love for
guitar, songwriting, and pop music.  It has been called Electro-Pop, and
EDM, and when we perform live we are incorporating more traditional EDM
into the set so as to keep people dancing and having a blast!


What is your favorite part about writing and recording?

I love the action of asking questions and making decisions during the
writing and recording process.  Everything is a decision, and has to be
finite in order to move on and finish a song.  You cannot waver on a
decision long or you will never finish an idea, melody, arrangement, etc.
The most important questions I ask myself during the writing and recording
process are “What doest the music want to do?”, and “Am I bored yet?”.
Asking these questions help me make decisions on how to grow an
arrangement, write lyrics, and think from the listeners point of view so
that they are taken on an interesting journey that is meant to be, rather
than pushed.

How would you describe your music?

Pop-Song Based EDM


What is your favorite song of yours?

Currently an unreleased song called Illusion which is about how the world
I live in is a function of how I decide to understand it.  I can be locked
up or freed in my own interpretation.  It also has a really fun melody
that comes in at the end which moves in a kind of question answer circle
which I love to play and we really extend it and embellish it live.


Would you want to do any collaborations in the future and if so, with

I so want this! I love collaborating with other artists, and want to work
more with EDM DJ Producers.  Our live band has a DJ as part of the trio,
and this really opens us up being able to take advantage of the incredible
sounds and dance grooves EDM DJ’s have introduced into live performance.
The opportunity to write, arrange, and even perform with someone like
Skrillex, Infected Mushroom, Avicci, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Zeds Dead, Kill
Paris, Justice, etc. would be a dream come true.  I also love rock/pop
artists like Imagine Dragons, Foster The People, The Black Keys, U2, &
Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin my ultimate guitar hero).

What are your other hobbies?

Skiing for starters. I used to ski race and when I can hop on a mountain
and roar down it it makes me feel as free as when I am in the middle of a
live show, just letting the hill take me where it wants to go.  Just made
a little video on youtube of a ski day with some friends (Check it out!!)
Also love anything outside, which is why I am so excited to be performing
our first festival this summer at Hemp Fest & Freedom Rally New Hampshire.


Do you have any other upcoming shows, music or projects?

May 10 at the the awesome new venue in Boston called Allston Rock City
Hall, Boys & Girls Club in May as well, Berklee in July, and more to come!


What are your social media accounts?

Everything is “VISHNOrocks”
Twitter: @vishnorocks
Instagram: vishnorocks

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I need you, I love you, Please take the time to click that like button on

the Facebook page, share the music we are putting out, tell friends, bring
them to our events!  We appreciate every one of you, and it is really the
interaction between music lovers and our performing to them that makes
this all feel amazing.  You are not just fans, you are friends, and we are
here to join with you and go on a journey together!


Thanks for chatting with us!

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