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1. Can you tell us about “A Fairy Odd Summer?”

Answer: “Fairly Odd Summer” is the 3rd live action movie about the fairies from the Nickelodeon Series “Fairly Odd Parents” In this movie Timmy Turner, Tootie and the fairies end up in Hawaii along with Mr. Crocker.  Timmy and Tootie meet siblings Mitzy and Marty in Hawaii and they have to basically save all of fairy world together while staying out of sight from Timmy’s old evil babysitter Vicky.  I play Mitzy.

  1. What was it like getting to work on the film?

Answer:  It was AWESOME!  I got to go to Vancouver and then Hawaii.  I really love to travel.  Fairly Odd Parents is my favorite cartoon so being asked to be IN the Fairly Odd World was like a dream every day on set.  Mitzy was a super fun character to play. She is really brave and adventurous.  One of the best parts of working on the film was getting to know and work with Carter Hastings, who plays Marty.  He and I had a blast working with Daniella Monet, David Lewis and Drake Bell.

  1. Do you have a favorite scene or part of the film?

Answer: My favorite part of the movie is the very end.  I loved the Luau scene SO much. Seeing myself with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof on screen was surreal! The Luau was supposed to be set on the beach in Hawaii, but we shot that whole Luau scene on the beach in Vancouver.   It was night and it was FREEZING!  In between takes we all had down coats and Ugg boots on…AND my sun dress was lined with Fleece.  🙂

  1. Can you tell us about your character in “Henry Danger?”

Answer:  Piper Hart is my character in “Henry Danger”  Piper is Henry’s little sister.  She is a fire cracker!  She is super over dramatic and makes the biggest deal out of the littlest things.  She yells A LOT but she doesn’t really want to be mean…just wants to be heard!

  1. What can fans expect to see from the show?

Answer:  This show is so funny!  Every week I think “this is the funniest episode yet” and then the next week it is even funnier! The fans can expect to be surprised each week at the crazy stuff each character gets involved in.  Captain Man and Kid Danger never have a dull moment and Henry’s home life is now a bit more “complicated” so his family life is pretty crazy too.

  1. Are you anything like your character?

Answer:  I am actually the polar opposite from Piper!  I rarely have my phone with me I look at social media MAYBE once a day and I never really yell.   For the most part, I am pretty chill…nothing gets me super upset.  Piper yells about EVERYTHING and she wouldn’t be caught dead without her phone and the internet.

  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects your fans can look forward to?

Answer:  I have been super busy working on new episodes of Henry Danger this summer…however…in March a movie I did with Vince Vaughn called “Business Trip” will be in theaters so keep your eyes out for that!

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