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1. Can you tell us about your character on “Henry Danger”?
Jasper is funny, loving and very naive and gullible, almost like a puppy is.

2. Are you anything like your character in real life?
I am very similar to Jasper except I am not as gullible or naive as he is

3. Do you have a favorite episode you filmed so far?
I loved “Jasper Danger”, it was our Halloween special and I got to be “Kid Danger” and work with Captain Man

4. Can you tell us anything about upcoming episodes?
There are a lot more scenes where Piper and Jasper are together and what she does to him like in the episode “The Secret Gets Out”

5. What do you think fans are going to take away from the show?
Friendship, loyalty and trust

6. What is a typical day like on the set?
We go to school, have rehearsal, work with our dialect coach and then shoot the scenes. In between, we like to all hang out in each others dressing rooms and have fun by dancing or playing games.

7. Do you have any other upcoming projects?
Next year I have 2 movies coming out, 1 with Jane Seymour and Malcolm McDowell called Bereave and the 2nd one is Sex, Death and Bowling with Selma Blair and Adrian Grenier.

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