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Check Out Jack And Jack ‘s Music Video For “Like That” (@JackJackJohnson) (@JackGilinsky)

Vine stars Jack and Jack recently released their music video for their song “Like That” featuring Nate Maloley! The video just hit 1 million views and has had such a

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Interview With Amanda Buhs From ” A School Paper” (@Amanda_Buhs)

1. Can you tell us about the film you are currently working on? “A School Paper” is about teenage boy Greg, and his trouble starting life in a new high

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Interview With Paris Smith Star Of Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way” (@parisstweets)

What can you tell us about season 3 of “Every Witch Way?” There is so much stuff that happens is season 3! I can tell you that there is much

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Win Tickets To Brave Fest Featuring Cody Simpson And Other Social Media Stars!

Brave Fest will be taking place this Saturday featuring Cody Simpson and many other social media stars in Hollywood! Check the flyer above for more details! To win 2 tickets

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Check Out Matthew Espinosa’s New Video “Breakfast Ends at 10:30” (@TheMattEspinosa)

Matthew Espinosa posted a new video on his YouTube channel today called “Breakfast Ends at 10:30” featuring Crawford Collins! Make sure you check out the video above and comment below

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Check Out Nash Grier’s New Video! (@NashGrier)

Nash Grier posted a new video today “I Killed Someone!?!” on his YouTube channel! Make sure you check it out above and comment below what you think!

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