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  1. What can you tell us about season 3 of “Every Witch Way?”

There is so much stuff that happens is season 3! I can tell you that there is much more drama with the new girl Mia. There are some new relationships that build throughout the season and I can’t wait for everyone to see what happens with Miego. Last season was the build up to their relationship as a couple, and this season shows how they deal with the fact they are a couple. Maddie still calls him her Proxy! Haha Also this season, Emma and Maddie become closer and their relationship develops and builds more, as well.

  1. How does your character change in upcoming episodes?

Maddie is still her sassy self, yet she has developed an even nicer side since season 2. This season, Maddie also gets involved with Mia and I cannot wait for my fans to see how Maddie and Mia deal with each other!

  1. Are you anything like your character?

I am like Maddie in that Maddie is a total fashionista. I also love hanging out with my friends, just like Maddie hangs with the Panthers, at the beach, mall, or just sitting at the house chit-chatting! Also, I am not as mean and bossy as Maddie can be, but I will definitely stick up for my friends!

  1. What is it like playing a witch on the show?

I love playing a witch on the show because there are so many fun effects on set! Knowing Maddie, the spells she can cast can get very messy. My favorite spell that Maddie casted was the rain storm spell in her house during Season 1. There was so much water on set, I almost slipped in my heels!!!

  1. Do you have a favorite episode you’ve filmed of the show so far?

My favorite episode to film was season 2 episode 10. My favorite scene in this episode was my crying scene because it showed a different side to Maddie and let me show my acting range. After it aired, I realized what an effect it left on my fans and supporters. This scene definitely developed Maddie as a person and made her more vulnerable, which, in my opinion, made my fans find her  more like-able.

  1. Do you have any New Years resolutions? Wow.

Wow! This year has been so amazing! I am so grateful for everything that has happened this year. I am extremely blessed that Every Witch Way and React To That we’re so successful and I could not have done it without God, my amazing friends, family, fans, team, and all my supporters. I dream to accomplish as much, if not even more, than I did in 2014. I definitely want to do something with fashion in the future. Mostly, in 2015, I want to work on my acting and hopefully book another TV show, or a feature film! I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store!

  1. What are your social media accounts?

Instagram: pariwinky

Twitter: parisstweets

  1. Do you have any messages that you want to send out to your fans?

I could not have done this with out my fans! I always look forward to waking up to see each and every tweet, comment, and post! Happy Holidays!! Always follow your dreams and never give up! Never be afraid to be yourself and “shake it off”, as Taylor Swift would say! Stay true to you, and never forget where you came from:) love you to the moon and back and have a wonderful and fabulous day!

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