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1. Can you tell us about what it was like getting to work on “Modern Family?”
Working on ABC’s Modern Family was amazing. Everyone is very welcoming and fun to work with! Some of the funniest people I’ve met. I had watched the show before working on it and absolutely loved it so working on it was really cool! My Dad is a big fan of the show so calling him to tell him the news was so fun.

2. What can fans expect to see from you on the show?
Well my character Tammy is definitely different from the other character’s I play on Disney and Nickelodeon. She is apart of the tacky family that moves in next door to the Dunphy’s and they’re always trying to get us to move out. I’d say we are not the most pleasant people to live next door to.
3. How was working on Disney and Nickeloden shows including “Austin&Ally” and “The Thundermans” different than working on “Modern Family?”
I love being apart of all of these shows and to be able to have so many different experiences on sets, working with different people, different directors and getting a taste of everything! Disney and Nick are multi camera and Modern Family is single camera so the way they shoot is different as well.

4. Can you tell us about your second musical single “3 Days?”
Of course! I am soooo excited for my new single and music video “3 Days” to come out. It’s about a girl who , in the beginning gets broken up with by her boyfriend so she is feeling down. Then all her girlfriends surround her and make her feel like she doesn’t need him. She decides she has “3 days” to get over him and after that, she’s over it. I love how much the song and video empowers girls. GIRL POWER! πŸ™‚

5. What can fans expect to see from its music video?
Lots and lots of vibrant colors, laughter, and girls having fun. My favorite scene to shoot was the slumber party scene. It was so girly, and super fun to be able to shoot it with some of my girlfriends! It’s really upbeat and has a really positive vibe.

6. Are you working on anything else at the moment?
So many fun things coming up! More episodes of The Thundermans on Nickelodeon, Mighty Med on DisneyXD and my episode of Austin and Ally will be premiering very soon! And I’m always working on music. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰ xo

7. What are your social media accounts where fans can stay connected with you?
You can follow me on twitter, which is: @BrookeNSorenson
Instagram: @brookesorenson
AND you can give my facebook page a LIKE! http://www.facebook.com/brookesorenson13

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