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1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Answer: I got the acting “bug” in high school. I auditioned for my high school play and landed the comical lead. After my first two minutes on stage, I was hooked and knew I wanted to be an actor. I studied musical theater at Carnegie Mellon and then moved to NYC with $300 in my pocket and quite a bit of blind ambition!

2. Can you tell us what it’s like working on “South Beach?”

Answer: It was a very warm and upbeat environment. Not to mention there were some of the most beautiful actors I’ve ever worked with on that set! It was also terrific to be working on a project in Miami and not having to travel far from home. The producer, Bill Dowd, is from Miami and was so thrilled to be filming in his hometown. I feel like that positive energy trickled down to everyone on set.

3. What was it like working on the show “Every Witch Way?”

Answer: It was a very special experience to be working on a kid’s show. So much great energy. The adults on the show often acted more childlike than the teenagers…we had a blast! I made lifelong friends on the show, and I will always be so grateful to have been part of something so “magical.”

4.Who’s your favorite character you’ve played so far in your career?

Answer: Usually it’s the role I’m currently playing. I really fell in love with Desdemona from Every Witch Way. She was smart, kooky, and a little crazy. I never knew what the writer had in store for her. It was so unpredictable and a ton of fun.

5. Can you tell us anything about your role in the upcoming film “Daddy?”

Answer: I play a therapist in the film. We just premiered internationally at the Montreal World Film Festival and nationally at the California Independent Film Festival where our lead Gerald McCullough won “Best Actor”and the film was voted “Audience Favorite.” I’m also a producer on the film so it’s thrilling that it is doing so well.

6. Do you have any other projects your fans can look forward to?

Yes! I am currently filming “Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket” starring Bailee Madison as Annabelle. It is filming in Nantucket, and I have several friends working in the film so it’s been a total joy to work on. 

7. What are your social media accounts?

Twitter: @miamoreorless 

Instagram: @mia.matthews 

Facebook: Mia Matthews

WhoSay: Mia Matthews 

Website: www.miamatthews.com

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