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1. How did you get your start in acting?

I originally got my start in acting around the age of 9-10 years old. I took on the role of Benvolio in “Romeo & Juliet” for my school play. Not a starring role, but a role with importance. However, I didn’t know that would further my interest as an actor. As years went on, I would always try to puzzle pieces together on how I could pursue a career like this, but I had absolutely no guidance. Freshman year of high-school was when I found an acting school and began taking classes-training. I trained for several years, I did small things along the way, worked on a few films. And just began to build an empire, slowly, but surely. After all of the years that went by, of being patient, not rushing, actually taking the time to perfect my craft(Which P.S much of the young talent doesn’t do now a days because they want overnight stardom, I wish everyone would take that time) and also learn the in’s and out’s of the business. I started my own production company. Now I am happily proud to say that I am starring, as well as producing a feature length Union film.

2. What’s your favorite part about it?

My favorite part about acting? Hm. Good question. My favorite part of being a filmmaker is that I have a platform, I have the opportunity to create work that will potentially inspire people and make a difference in the world. Many people in today’s society want change, but have no clue where to begin, along with not having the patience or drive to make it happen. I also don’t want people to think that age is a factor. You can be any age and make a difference. I am 19 years old & by the end of this year, I will have completed 3 feature length screenplays. Not just 3 screenplays that have no meaning & are written to be written. This will be work that is created, that can potentially give others hope and faith. I don’t say this to show off or to just talk to look good, I say this because I want to inspire young talent to pick up a darn pen and make things happen. Don’t wait for someone to pave your path, get up and do it yourself. So my favorite thing about what I do is that I have the opportunity to raise people’s spirit and inspire someone.

3. Can you tell us about your characters in the film?

In the film “Forgetting Sandy Glass”, I am playing the role of Tommy Glass. Tommy is the youngest brother in the film. Tommy is just an innocent kid who idolizes his oldest brother Sandy and is oblivious to all of the trouble he has caused. And he is oblivious to all of the good his brother Michael has done, along with the fact of Michael being the father figure. Throughout the film this slowly dwindles and Tommy learns. The film is centered around 3 brothers. And the oldest brother “Sandy Glass” is being released from prison. He has always been a let down to his family, he was never there for his brothers, and even when he was, he was in and out of prison. Michael is older, he knows the deal & has a lot of hatred towards Sandy. But Tommy was too young to comprehend, for that reason he doesn’t know any better. So at this point, the film begins where it is Sandy’s FINAL chance to redeem his life and be there for the most important thing and that is his family. The film mainly focuses on the journey of Tommy and Sandy & how they both affect each other throughout the film. Yes, this may sound like a deep film. But don’t worry, we have a lot of FUN, humorous things throughout. So this is quite the project.

4. What was your favorite scene to film?

Oh my. That’s hard for me to answer. My favorite scene thus far, I can’t say that I have a favorite. But I can talk about a very funny day of filming that we had. So, we were filming with Actor; Roger Hendricks Simon. He plays Stewart in the film; Stewart is the creepy, old, perverted neighbor in the film. He brings the comedy to this story. So, we were filming these scenes where Stewart is interacting with the character “Stephanie- who is Michael Glass’s girlfriend in the film”. It was a scene where Stewart had to yell across the street at the girls. Out of no where, Roger(Stewart) just began to improvise, started to sing random songs, while spraying the hose across the street. It had to be one of the funniest moments ever. The life he brings to the character will really have people rolling in laughter. Everyone is a lot of fun. But, every day of filming has been AMAZING, our cast/team is a family, and I am blessed to be working with such amazing people. There’s not one day of filming that hasn’t been fun. I have to say, with out our wonderful directors David Wenzel, & John Rigores, this project would have never been able to come to fruition. I am happy to be partnered up with them, and proud of how far we have come with this film.

5. What can fans expect to see from the movie?

Fans can expect to see a very unique, heartfelt, fun film. Not only is this film very powerful in a way, we have a great ordeal of humor which is expected to leave people in tears, but at the same time, have tears from the dramatic aspect of the film. And to top all of that off, we have a BRILLIANT cast, the chemistry & distinctions of each cast mate is phenomenal. Tie that along with our great director David Wenzel and amazing cinematographer John Rigores, I think fans are in for quite the surprise.

6. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Yes, I am currently in development for a film titled “April Winters”, I can’t even begin to speak about that film. But all I can say is, keep your eyes open because that is going to make a beautiful film. Also, I am working on an “Untitled Project” right now, in which I teamed up with a dear buddy of mine, Thomas Brookins. He has had a story that has been in the works nearly his whole entire life, considering the fact that it is a story written around his life and upbringings in this world. This is a story that is being made into a film, that I believe can have a major impact on society, in regards to race, self empowerment, and the fact that there is always hope. This is a tough, tough, film, I will say that. But if done correct, can pave a pathway big time. But along with those two projects, I am acting in a few other projects. And excited to see what the rest of this year holds.

7. Where will people be able to see this film? What are your social media accounts?

This film will be released on some of the biggest new media platforms out there. People will be able to see the film on Amazon, BigstarTV movies, VOD, iTunes, TVtibi, and we are also currently working out a deal with Netflix. So, just about any major media platform you can think of, and I know I am missing a few. But those are the top ones.

My social media accounts. My Instagram is : @Jamiemdolan & the movie account is @forgettingsandyglass & my Twitter is @Jamiemdolan . Those are my main accounts, I am usually on Instagram the most. But you can also find me on my Facebook fan page “Jamie Dolan”.

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