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How did you get your start in acting?

I got my start in acting when I was around 8 years old. At the time, my uncle was producing a feature film titled “Robosapien Rebooted”, which was directed by the wonderful Sean McNamara. My uncle invited me to the set in New Orleans, Louisiana, in which I was given the opportunity to audition for a very small role. I remember going into Sean’s trailer, all nervous of course, after my training session with the on-set acting coach McField Windy Coleman, not even knowing that this one audition would change my life for the better. After receiving the part and spending a couple days on set, I was hooked. After both of my siblings were out of the house for good last year, my mom finally told me that I can start pursuing my dream again with all of her attention and support. Ever since, I have been going on auditions and taking classes in the city, hoping to finally make my dreams come true.

What’s your favorite part about it?

Wow, great question and tough one too, haha. I would have to say that my favorite part of acting is either the platform I am given to show audiences these amazing stories, or the ability to step into the shoes of a different person and get to really see what it is like to be them, or a person like them. Acting is really my true passion and I know that I am NEVER going to give it up. The connections you make while in this business are great and you meet people that can become your best friends almost instantly. I hope that one day I am given the platform to change the world. Being successful in this business gives you the ability to connect to people all around the world, and I am really working to give myself this ability. I want to spread the belief in being who you are and not changing yourself for anyone else. Everyone is unique in their own way and that is what makes this world so amazing and full of adventures and surprises. Being an actor gives me the opportunity to make things happen and work hard to be successful in doing what I love. In this business you have to be persistent, you set a goal and then achieve it, and you don’t let anything get in your way, including people saying how hard it is to make it happen. Instead of worrying about how it may not happen, make it happen. That has always been my mindset in this business. Along with acting I am also a musician. Being a musician is great when it comes to acting, especially when a role requires you to be. I have been playing piano for 9 years now and I really love it. I would definitely consider acting as my main thing, but playing the piano is definitely something that will stick with me as well.

Can you tell us about your characters in the film?

In the film “Forgetting Sandy Glass” I am playing the role of Eric. Eric is one of Tommy Glass’s best friends, and let me tell you, our group of friends never has a dull moment during this film. Each character in the group is so different, but that’s what brings them all together so well. I would have to say that the closest bonding in the group of friends is the friendship between Tommy, Dustin, and Eric. Filming scenes with Jamie Dolan (Tommy) and Paul Marra (Dustin) are some of the best times I’ve had on set thus far. Playing the role of Eric is amazing; especially because of how similar I am to him. If I were to describe Eric I would say he is a funny, sarcastic, and outgoing type of guy. He brings light to bad situations, and is great at making people laugh, either with him or at him. He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind, whether it is a dumb comment about something random, or a joke about how pretty Stephanie (played by Gaia Matisse) is, and how he would love to go out with her. Eric is like Tommy’s sidekick, basically a little brother that Tommy always wanted, but never had. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to play a character like Eric.

What can fans expect to see from the movie?

This film is a rollercoaster. It has moments where it will touch your heart, and moments where you will just start to break out laughing. “Forgetting Sandy Glass” is a very unique and overall amazing film. When I was first given the script I sat down and just read it, and before I knew it, I was on the last page of the script. The script brought me in so well that it felt like I read it in no time at all. There is not one moment in this movie that moves too slowly or lacks importance to the story. Every moment brings the viewer in, just like a book you can’t put down. The cast in this movie is like a family. We all have the greatest times together and will definitely be staying in touch after the movie is complete. Working with such talented actors such as Tom Malloy and Roger Hendricks Simon, really pushes me, personally, to strive to be better. Without the help of our amazing director David Wenzel and extraordinary cinematographer John Rigores this film would not have turned out the way it did, so a huge thank you to the both of them. I think that the fans will not be let down with this film. I am very excited to see this amazing story finally become available for all the fans out there; they are all in for something special.

Do you have any other upcoming projects?

I am currently getting wrapped up with filming on “Forgetting Sandy Glass” and I am also currently working on my next feature film titled “April Winters”. All I can say is be ready for it, because it is really something special. I am also being sent out on auditions by my amazing agent Barry Kolker and the most helpful, sweet, and caring manager in the world; Peggy Becker from Parkside Talent. I can’t say enough about Peggy. Without Peggy I would be lost, I really truly do appreciate all of the things she does for me.

What are your social media accounts?

Anybody can definitely find and contact me on my Instagram page  @Blake_Bergman

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