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1. How did you form as a group?
We met through playing all the underground clubs and organically came together through a shared set of musical influences and appreciation for black leather.
2. Was music always something that you wanted to pursue?
I thought I would work with NASA or something to do with computer programming. It was only after I heard “Reasonable Doubt” when I was a small kid that I realized I had no other choice but music. 
3. Can you tell us about your debut EP “Revanchist”?
Revanchist is a cohesive story of retribution. This record is a soundtrack from the times I lived on the streets in the DUMBO district in Brooklyn and all the harsh realities of a dislocated childhood as an  orphan.
4. How would you describe your sound to people who have never heard of you before?
Our sound initially was heavily influenced by punk and The Clash (See “I’m Stoned” on youtube) and has moved into a new wave influenced direction.  We are inspired by the synthesis of technology and street culture. Lyrically we are diverse and admire RZA and more recently Kendrick Lamar. Musically we are passionate about technology and celebrating the disruptive elements of the internet. Lucas Asher codes and has been programming all his life …Eric Scullin embraces technology as a core component of his production style.
5. What is the writing and recording process like? Which do you prefer?
The songwriting process starts with Lucas Asher writing the lyrics and melody, then the band 
members all add their parts to enhance the song and arrange it in a sonically cohesive way.
6. What can you tell us about the tour you are going on?
Absolutely, fans can expect the Revanchist tour and we will be doing a lot of pop up surprise shows.
7. Where can people find you on social media?

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