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Credit: Lesley Bryce

1. Can you tell us about how you got your start in the entertainment industry?
I’m an identical triplet, and growing up we knew one person who worked as a professional actor. We asked him to set up a meeting with his agent, and lucky for us we started working with the agent. Being a triplet was the “foot in the door” and we got our start acting together, but I’m the only sister that decided to pursue acting and I’ve never looked back!

2. What can fans expect from “The Kicks”?
It’s a fun, modern family show that is not just about soccer. Sure, there are lots of great soccer action sequences that will thrill the athletes, but also lots of family and teen drama to hook the other kids and the parents as well. It’s a comedy with lots of heart thrown in. I find it refreshing to have a show centered around a young female character, Devin, who is my daughter on the show.

She’s focused on becoming a serious and accomplished athlete. She’s not depicted as being obsessed with dating and fashion, which I’ve found is pretty rare on TV. The kids are strong, serious athletes, who face struggles on behalf of their team and follow their dreams. I’m proud to be a part of that.

3. How would you describe your character?
I’m the idealistic, quirky mom who appears to have everything under control, but often it’s all just for show. I’m the backbone of the family. I work to keep my husband focused, and the kids happy and coping with their new lives in California. In the pilot, we move across country from Connecticut to Southern California, so we have lots of adjusting to do. Plus I’m adjusting to having kids turn into pre-teens, and that brings a whole new set of challenges.

4. What was your favorite episode to film?
I enjoyed filming the sleepover episode! It was fun because we had all the girls “over” so I got to hang out and work with all of them. They have such great energy and ideas, and they are so professional. They always impress me!

5. How is this project different from other projects you’ve worked on in the past?
It’s the first show I’ve worked on with so many kids – sorry, “teenagers.” They are great actors – so professional and good at what they do.
Sixx Orange plays Devin, and my son is played by Gabe Eggerling. They are supremely talented, so natural and great with comedy. I honestly love them like real family.

Sixx is a real soccer player; her team went to the quarter finals at the State Cup this year, so she’s the real deal in front of the camera AND on the field. Both are great role models for my own kids.

6. Do you have any other upcoming projects that your fans can look forward to?
I am the spokesperson for AutoNation, and I’m going to be filming new commercials and radio spots every couple of months. You may have seen me in my hot pink leather jacket! The best part, though, is how AutoNation has committed all their fundraising efforts to go towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer. The Drive Pink campaign and the Curebowl last year were so successful that AutoNation gave 1 million dollars to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Since my Mom has metastatic stage 4 breast cancer, this is one way I can reallymake a difference helping find a cure. This is a very personal cause for me.

7. Where can we find you on social media?
I’m @monlacy on Instagram and Twitter. You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/monlacy/ – please like my page as I post lots of behind the scenes photos from the set and updates on the show!
My website is http://www.monicalacy.com

Thanks for following me and for all the support! I love my fans!

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