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The movie “Fire and Water” directed by Thomas W. Brookins Jr. is a story about Queens-native Don Eichin, in which he describes the 1950’s as the decade that set the stage for the rest of his life. 
Fire and Water is one of the most unique documentary films about New York in some time. The documentary is introducing a new historical POV from the sports action industry, through the lives of its eclectic surfing community made up of so many Firefighters. The movie proves a longevity in its generational association within the city/states love affair with the ocean and FDNY heritage. Some of the rare footage used in this movie has never been seen by the public, buried in a NY basement for 50 plus years. It will surely excite historians from NY to Hawaii. With some of the biggest names in surfing history paying homage to these brave men & women of the fire department. Fire and Water will surely put something new in your heart.
Currently the movie is touring in film festivals globally. The film made its premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival in California earlier this year, in which Thomas Brookins won the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking”. Most recently Thomas also won an award at the Long Beach International Film Festival, here in New York. (Viewers Choice, Best NY Film) and has been the choice of multiple events outside of the film festival circuit. The films next screening is set to take place in Santa Cruz, California. You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the film as it seems to grasp audiences of all genres. 
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