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1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?
I grew up acting in plays and doing theater.  I got a degree in it, performed in theaters around San Francisco, decided to make the move to LA and then realized I knew nothing about acting!  So I just kept auditioning, kept submitting myself, writing my own material, finally I got my manager who got me into some great casting offices and then finally my theater background paid off and everything clicked and I booked it.  
2. Can you tell us about your character on HBO’s upcoming comedy series “Insecure?”
We first meet Kitty as that annoying co-worker in the pilot episode who asks Issa “what does ‘on fleek’ mean?”. Kitty is trying to be Issa’s bestie. She’s ignorant but she means well.  Kitty loves anything vintage or retro, has a huge crush on her co-worker Ken, and especially loves cats…obviously.
3. Are you anything like your character?
I can be perhaps be a bit clueless and say the wrong thing… I think everyone has that annoying side to them, and with this character I tapped into mine.
4. How did you land the role?
My manager got me the audition for one line in a HBO pilot last September. I booked the job off tape so didn’t have to go to a callback or producer’s session!  We shot it and I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t be cut from the episode and that the show would be picked up.  I heard in April that they had written me into four more episodes!
5. What is a typical work day like on set?
You show up to hair and makeup, get dressed in your own little trailer, then go to set and usually have to wait around a bit. You eat the delicious food spread, and then you start shooting your scenes where you get to act and try new things.  A typical day can last anywhere from 5 to 16 hours on set.  Basically, a dream come true!
6. Do you have a favorite episode you’ve filmed so far?
Maybe episode 3! We took a field trip to the beach and… well, you’ll have to watch!
7. Do you have any upcoming projects?
I just had the pleasure of shooting with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming FX show “FEUD!”. I have a small part in the second episode coming out next year!
8. What are your social media accounts?
You can follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veronicamann/
Twitter : @veronicaman 
Instagram: @veronicamann 
And you can check out my feature film musical at Vimeo.com/ondemand/boozeboysnbrownies

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