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1. How did you get your start in acting?

I got my break in acting in 2007 with Neil Jordan’s “Brave One” starring Naveen Andrews, Jodi Foster and Terrance Howard. I had years of experience with commercials previously from my basketball Nike commercials and street ball accolades. I decided to take performing in  front of the camera a bit more seriously and started to step away from sports and focus more on the craft.

2. Can you tell us about your role on “Kickboxer: Vengeance”?

Like much of my recent work, I’m gaining respect and visibility as a lead villain/bad guy which led me to this role. When casting and the director wanted someone to play the gritty street thug with a knowledge for gambling and making money, they called me to meet the director and we had a great conversation and I read for him live down in New Orleans. The character, Stahl, works side by side with Gina Carano’s character. They’re illegal street gamblers betting on street fights in this movie. Fortunately enough I was granted the opportunity to be in this amazing film.

3. How is this project different from those you’ve worked on in the past?

This project was different for the simple fact that I’d never been on a working set with so many awesome actors that can literally kick some ass. These hard-nose tough guys and gals (champions in their own right) were actually impressive performers and actors. I was amazed.

4. What was a typical day like for you on set?

That’s always contingent on my call times. If it’s an early day and a long one, I usually try to get a quick cardio session in at my hotel to keep me going throughout the day with energy. It works for me.

If I’m working nights, it’s a normal day usually up by 9AM in the gym for four hours of running. Yes, I’m obsessed with long runs every day! It’s probably not the best for these joints but oh well (it’s my only vice), then caffeine in combination with healthy vegan diet. I have been a vegan for 7 years and it really helps with my energy level especially through these long work weeks.

5. Can you tell about your passion for basketball? What do you like better: acting or basketball? Why?

Basketball is my love that introduced my to new exciting ventures like an acting career. However, my obsession is acting and delivering the best quality I can perform. Basketball is my favorite hobby and my getaway of relaxation. I enjoy acting more but basketball was never, and will never be, considered a job. I can tell you this: I watch way more basketball than I do movies. I always have I always will. So I guess, to sum it up, I like basketball more but acting is my favorite job, and my choice of work any day.

6.  Do you have any upcoming projects that your fans can look forward to? Tell us a bit about them.

“Paterson”, which is a movie starring Adam Driver and directed by the great Jim Jarmusch. It’s out now, so go check it out!

I also have “The Life And Death of John Gotti”; Gotti is played by John Travolta, Kelly Preston is in the film and it’s directed by Kevin Connolly. I’m playing Dr Carmine, who is John Travolta’s medical practitioner while he was going through his cancer treatments in the prison. It’s a very clear and micro-managed scene, handpicked by one of the producers, John A. Gotti, Gotti’s actual son that lived through these experiences. I’m extremely excited for this highly anticipated film.

7. What are your social media accounts?

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat: @luistrikz

Facebook: Luis “Trikz” Da Silva Jr

Website: luistrikz.com

I picked this handle because it had a direct connection to my career, using my legal first name and stage name for basketball.

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