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1. How did you get your start in the music industry?

Well, I first got into singing when I was four years old. I really loved it! I’ve been very passionate about singing most of my life. I started playing the piano because I love classical music. I was still in high school when I started making connections with people in the industry.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Tropical, soulful pop.

3. Who are your musical inspirations?

I really like classical music, specifically the romantic era… composers like Tchaikovsky. From our generation: Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, Draco Rosa and bands like No Doubt.

4. Can you tell us about your latest single “All Of My Life?”

It’s a romantic song. It speaks of a love you find after searching for so long. The state of my soul while it was being written is reflected. In essence, All Of My Life represents the love you long for staying by your side.

5. Tell us about your upcoming single “Dream About Us”. What is it about? What inspired it?

It speaks about destiny. It was inspired by a series of dreams I had about a relationship that is meant to be. I’m releasing it on March 17th, so look out for it on iTunes!

6. What can fans expect from your upcoming EP?

Upbeat love songs and acoustic renditions. I was influenced by past romantic experiences and by my desire to explore the meaning of true love — love that is destined to work. The tracks include some stories and themes that people will notice and hopefully will be able to connect with them through their own experiences. For instance, “Dream About Us” was inspired by a series of dreams about a love interest. The main theme surrounding “Olé” is kingly love; this song is very personal to me as it’s about the love of my life.

7. Do you have a favorite song off of the EP? Why is it your favorite?

I feel attached to Olé because of its meaning and message. As the songwriter, I like all of the songs because the people in my life are connected to them. The songwriting process encourages you to make each song special.

8. What are your social media accounts where your fans can stay connected with you?

Twitter: @isabellamusique

Instagram: @isabellamusique

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isabellamuzic/

Check out “Olé” below!

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