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1. How did you get your start in acting?

I first got my start in acting in a talent search.  The judges were agents from different companies.  After I finished my monologue, Spaghetti all over the place, I received first place and had offers from multiple judges to sign with their agency.  Mom said I should take some classes, just to be sure that I wanted to pursue it.

2. When did you realize that acting was something that you wanted to pursue?
After I finished acting class, I knew that I wanted to do acting forever.
3. What was your first project?
It was a web commercial for Tickle Me Plant.  You can check it out on youtube…I was soooo little.
4. What has been your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far and why?
Father Figures has definitely been my favorite project so far.  I got to work with amazing actors and crew.  Plus, I got to have French Toast for breakfast every morning on set.
5. Who are your inspirations?
I would have to say Ed Helms is one because he has had a very successful career and is still humble and I got to work him.  Another inspiration would be Eddie Redmayne.  He has such an incredible range of characters.  A true inspiration to watch!
6. Can you tell us about how you landed your role in the upcoming Warner Bros movie “Father Figures”?
I actually auditioned for the role of Young Ed Helms and was put on hold for it.  Then, I was asked to come back in and audition for the role of his son, Ethan.  I was pinned immediately and had to wait a couple days to find out if I booked it.
7. How are you similar and different from your character?
I related with the character when it came to having problems with my dad.  Some differences were that my character was kind of sporty and I am far from that. I am more into e-sports..lol
8. What was a typical day like on-set?
It was awesome!  Every morning I would get up and be taken to set.  On the way there, we would get called asking what I wanted for breakfast.  Always the same….French Toast with bacon. Then it was off to wardrobe and makeup and then school until I was needed.
9, How was this project different from ones you’ve worked on previously?
The biggest difference would be the budget.  Since this was a studio film, there were  a lot more people working on it than the smaller indie films I have done.
10. Do you have any upcoming projects?
Nothing that I can disclose at this time.
11. What are your social media accounts?
You can follow me on twitter and instagram @zachary_haven, on my gamer youtube channel….ZLittleDude and on facebook as Zachary Haven
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