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We recently had the chance to chat with the lovely Brittany Panzer about getting started in the entertainment industry, her role on Fox’s “Lucifer”, upcoming projects, and more!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

I got started by just up and moving to Los Angeles. I didn’t know much about anything but I got into some acting classes and went from there!

2. What was your first project?

My first project in LA was American Horror Story, which isn’t a bad way to start out!

3. Who are you inspirations?

I absolutely love Meryl Streep and Sarah Paulson. I could watch them in anything and definitely aspire to be on their level someday.

4. Can you tell us about what it was like working on Fox’s “Lucifer”?

Oh god where do I begin — it was SO much fun. You never know the energy of a set going in and everyone was just so positive and kind. It was an absolute pleasure to work on that show.

5. How would you describe your character?

I’d describe her as a vixen… takes a certain kind of woman to get close to the devil 😉

6. How was that project different from your most recent project “Liberty Crossing”?

I had very different characters in both projects. In Liberty Crossing I play Tanya, who’s a techie for the National Counterterrorism Center while in Lucifer, I’m playing a sexy girl who Lucifer meets at a bar. Both shows also had different tones, which I enjoyed since it gave me some variety in terms of acting.

7. When and where can fans watch?

It just aired last week so fans can watch on the FOX website!

8. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

I just shot Dear White People which I’m really excited about and I have a film in the works! 🙂

9. What are your social media accounts?

Instagram: @brittanicole

Facebook: Brittany Panzer

Twitter: @brittanypanzer

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