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We recently had the chance chat with Celeste Thorson about working on “A Kid Called Mayonnaise”, screenwriting, upcoming projects, and more!

1. How did you get involved with “A Kid Called Mayonnaise”?

When I was invited by Koczara/Schevenko casting to audition for the mysterious character of Mrs. Kincaid, I put on a pearl necklace, read for the role, and discovered it was the perfect fit. I love their work and taste in comedy on shows like Blackish and Angie Tribeca, so it’s always an honor to visit them.  I felt the story had a quirky, surreal quality so when I was offered the role I was excited to see writer Will McRobb’s characters leap off the page and onto the screen with director Luke Matheny’s vision. The crew made it a fun, creative environment and it was cool to create something with Amazon Studios. I’m a big fan of so many of Amazon’s original series like Mozart in the Jungle and Goliath.

2. How would you describe the show?

I’d describe “A Kid Called Mayonnaise” as a curiously charming coming-of-age story set at a bizarre little motel called the Alamo, “a place where the strays of the world can feel safe and loved.” The creator Will McRobb also created the Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” so there are some similar eccentricities in characters. A lot of people say it has a Wes Anderson vibe as well.

3. Who do you play?

I play Mrs. Kincaid, the haughty mother of Lancelot Arthur Kincaid played by Alexander Guder. She’s a little odd yet very well-dressed, so I prepared for the role from the outside in. I thought her poise and elegance was an intriguing contrast to the dingy location of the Alamo. After I booked the role, I thought it would be fun to workshop the character a bit with casting director/coach Marci Liroff and explore some different nuances. Mrs. Kincaid has a bit of a chip on her shoulder but, according to the writer Will McRobb she has fallen on hard times so, she’s become a typical resident of the Alamo, which is the perfect home of misfit dreamers.

4. What is a typical day like for you on-set?

Check in, go to craft services, grab a bite, visit hair and makeup, go to craft services and grab a bite, hop into wardrobe, rehearse with the director, quick snack, touch up my lipstick, shoot the scene, break for lunch. After lunch go over the next scene in my trailer and do it all over again.

5. Do you have a favorite moment that you have filmed so far?

Without giving away any spoilers, my favorite moment was seeing a very bizarre scene in the script come to life at a completely absurd location while watching the lead character “Mayo” get chased by a birthday squad. I love surrealism, and the whole episode had some very unusual elements like an ostrich, a piñata, a rubber ducky collection and a female band of fabulous musicians riding a birthday float. The whole first episode was just so funny and unique.

6. How did you get your start screenwriting?

I’ve loved writing since I was a child and remember creating little books in elementary school. As an adult, I started out writing short stories, then transitioned into travel television, E/I shows, short films, and feature-length scripts. Since then I have written over two dozen episodes of television, a handful of short films, and have a few features in development. I am always looking for muses to help inspire characters and projects because it keeps my imagination glowing and the pen flowing.

7. Which do you prefer acting or screenwriting and why?

I love acting because I get to personally embody the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of a person with all of their hopes, dreams, fears, and complexities. I’m obviously restricted to the age, gender, and racial limitations of the characters I can play on screen which is why writing opens up a world of opportunities. As a writer, it’s fascinating to see the world through lenses I’d likely never have the chance to look through and step in shoes I’d never be able to walk in.

8. What is your dream project?

I love sci-fi, comedy, and action films. My dream project would be one that includes an unlikely hero who faces physical and emotional obstacles to make the world a better place while living through the sad, funny, thrilling, and dangerous aspects of our human experience. I really enjoy films that cross genres because real life is not just one genre. There are dramatic, comedic, action oriented experiences that I think can all be included into a single story.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have an adventure feature film called “Treasure Hunter: The Legend of the White Witch” coming out this year which we filmed in Mexico. I also shot a short film titled “Apache Wife” inspired by Apache oral history from the late 19th century. I made a quick cameo on USA Network’s new true crime series, “Unsolved” coming soon thanks to Director Anthony Hemmingway and Jennifer Cooper Casting. Feel free to check out imdb.me/celestethorson for all of the latest release dates.

10. Do you have any social media accounts?

I share daily content to a pretty extensive collection of photos and videos on: Facebook.com/officialcelestethorson

I also enjoy sharing a first look at a smaller selection of photos on Instagram @CelesteThorson.

I generally use twitter.com/celestethorson to converse about current events and learn more about charity organizations that my friends and fans support.

I’d be happy to keep in touch with your readers if they want to reach out on any of those social networks.

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