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We recently had the chance to chat with “Inhumans” star Lofton Shaw. During the interview, Lofton talked about getting his start in acting, working on “Genie in a Bikini”, filming “Inhumans” and more!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

Things just sort of fell into place for me with this business, I’ve always been a fan of the stage and have loved performing. My parents and I never thought of pursuing acting as a career for me despite all their friends telling them how natural I could be at it. Then one day my parents friends met a manager and told  us to give it a shot and set up a meeting with them and BOOM! I loved it and we’ve been progressing ever since.

2. What was your first project?

My first project was a Nickelodeon movie called “Genie in a Bikini”! It was such a fun experience for me and I’m still very close with some of the cast members to this day! Everyone from the cast and crew ended up being so friendly and kind that we all were so sad once the movie had wrapped. I had actually worked with the director for another YEAR after the movie on a variety of sketch comedy work for DreamworksTV. It was an absolute blast!

3. What is it like working on “Inhumans”?

Working on Inhumans was definitely the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me. It really was the first major project I had been cast in and was a completely different vibe; other than of course being filmed in flippin HAWAII! Everyone was so professional and working together so effortlessly like they have had this whole thing planned for years! It was also one of the first things I’d been cast in that wasn’t a comedy, so it was very diverse and an excellent experience.

4. How would you describe your character?

The character I played on Inhumans was Young BlackBolt. BlackBolt is the king of the Inhumans and his voice is his strongest power. Even a whisper can destroy entire buildings. I portray BlackBolt when he first finds out about his powerful voice and goes through a horrific incident that makes BlackBolt never want to speak again. We had to create our own sign language to communicate and express our emotions without speaking. It was a very intense role and required so many different levels of emotions

5. What is a typical day like on-set?

A typical day on set really depends on what your filming. Inhumans was VEEERY different from anything else I’ve filmed because of the location and non disclosure policy of the project. Everything had to be kept a secret from our sides to our wardrobe. On the set of Inhumans I guess a typical day would be getting picked up from our hotels and driven to wherever the set location was. It was usually on a navy base in Hawaii. We would usually spend our first hour on set in makeup and wardrobe before filming a few scenes. On a project of that magnitude every scene took a pretty long time cause everything had to be perfect. And that’s exactly what is was. 🙂

6. How did you get involved with the project?

I got cast on Inhumans from the audition process much like most projects. The big difference between the audition process for Inhumans was the NDA we signed. They gave us as little information as possible. I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for or even WHO I was auditioning for. The only information we had was that it was a Marvel project.

7. How is this project different from others you have worked on?

The biggest difference from Inhumans compared to everything else had to be the set location. We were in Hawaii for weeks filming this project and everything just had a hint more magic. Something about that place is so surreal. Then the “hush hush” policy of the project also was a big difference because we couldn’t speak about the project at all even after we were done filming! We had to keep our mouths shut until the project finally aired in IMAX!

8. Do you have any upcoming projects?

As far as upcoming projects go I’m back in the audition room going for the next big thing! I’ve been working on a YouTube channel consistently for a while with DreamworksTV. We always are filming super fun projects and parodies. I have over 100 hilarious videos with them that you can find on YouTube. Including such classics as Boy Band Billy, Hopeless Bromantic, and Cheerleaders!

9. Do you have any holiday traditions?

My family’s main holiday tradition is our birthday tradition. Every birthday dinner we go around the table and say our favorite thing about the person who’s birthday it is. It can be fun entertaining and a bit awkward at times. It’s really an amazing tradition that I plan to keep in the family for years to come!

10. What are your social media accounts?

All of my social media handles are @LoftonShaw I’m most active on my Instagram and post very regularly. Another app I love is Snapchat and my username on Snapchat is Shawman444

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