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We recently had the chance to chat with pop punk band Break Out Day who are set to release their brand new EP “Echoes of the Past” on March 30th! During the interview, they talked about forming as a band, recording for the EP, favorite songs, and more!

  1. How did you form as a band?

Andrew and Jason started the band as juniors at Roslyn High School. They recorded a demo titled “Loud Words From Quiet Kids” in the summer of 2011. Perry joined the band in 2013 after playing a couple of shows with them. In the summer of 2013, the band added a lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist and recorded their first official EP titled “The Nights That Made It,” which was released that September. After parting ways with their vocalist, the band recruited Brandon and he joined in November 2016.

2. What are each of your roles in the group?

Brandon Wimberly is the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist.

Jason Weisbein is the lead guitarist and does backing vocals.

Andrew Weisbein is the bassist and does backing vocals.

Perry Dornbush is the drummer.

3.How did you come up with the band name?

Jason came up with “Break Out” based on the All Time Low song “Break Out! Break Out!” and it was Andrew’s idea to add the word “Day”.

4. What was the recording process like for the EP?

Recording for this EP started in April 2017 when we went in to record the single “The Party’s Over”. We spent 14 hours in the studio and recorded the entire song. We went back in the studio the following September to start recording the rest of the EP. We recorded the drums in one day in September and recorded the bass/guitar parts over the next 2 months. We recorded the vocals last and wrapped up recording in November. We continued to work on synths and other effects with our producer via email until they were finished in December. The entire process was a learning experience for the four of us because it was the first time all of us recorded music together and we definitely grew as a band as a result.

5. How do you narrow down which songs you’re going to use?

Heading into this EP, we all knew we weren’t going to release 5 brand new songs like we did with “The Nights That Made It”. We were focused on having 3 new songs that displayed change and growth, but also maintain aspects of our older songs. Once we felt we accomplished that, there was never any doubt as to which songs were going to be on the album.

6. Do you have a favorite song off of the EP?

Jason – “One More Night”

Perry – “The Party’s Over”

Andrew – “One More Night”

Brandon – “Deleted Imagery”


7. How will it be different from other projects that you’ve released in the past?

Our first release “The Nights That Made It” was written by Andrew and Jason. They wrote those songs between 2011 and 2013. The new EP “Echoes Of The Past” is the first release that will truly feature Perry and Brandon. It was important that Perry and Brandon write/collaborate on the new music because we wanted to showcase different styles, tastes, and influences. For example, the incorporation of double-bass drumming and alternative guitar tunings in certain songs were new techniques both Perry and Brandon brought into the band’s overall dynamic sound, respectively. We all have different musical upbringings and inspirations, so we think it’s important to have multiple ideas thrown around while writing and recording. Each song offers something different from the next and builds on what we’ve already put out.

8. What do you think fans are going to take away from the album?

Fans are going to hear a fully realized version Break Out Day when they listen to the new EP. We hope what they hear gets them excited about the future.

9. When is it being released and when and where can fans buy or listen to it?

It is being released on March 30th and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.

  1. Are you going on any tours to promote the album?

We’re doing a five-show mini tour all within the greater NYC metro area over the next couple months after the EP is released at the end of March (two shows in Brooklyn, two shows in Manhattan, and one show on Long Island). The specific dates/locations are available on our website and social media accounts.

  1. What are your social media accounts?









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